Developer Klang raises additional $22.3 million for game development

Klang - Seed

Developer Klang has said it’s raised an additional $22.3 million for its colony simulation game Seed.

The funding was led by Novator Partners, including contributions from a handful of others, including Lego’s Lego Ventures group.

It takes the amount of funding made by Klang to a total of $37.42 million.

The in-development game notably uses Improbable’s SpatialOS cloud computing tech to power its in-game worlds, tech that is advertised as a way for devs to create persistent, online worlds without a huge computational load.

A handful of studios have signed on to use SpatialOS in their own projects to date, but just recently, seemingly with the exception of Klang, a few have come across hard times.

In just the last few months, Bossa Studios has shut down its early access MMO title World Adrift, Mavericks: Proving Grounds developer Automation Games has entered administration and cancelled the project, and Spilt Milk Studios has cancelled its upcoming MMO game Lazarus.

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