Developers of Phasmophobia Teases Main Menu Makeover + Update Details

In this article, we will discuss the all-new main menu of the game Phasmophobia. Feel free to share your opinion on the new Menu. Enjoy!

Phasmophobia became an instant hit after its debut in the last quarter of 2020. This became a popular option for horror fans, especially among the streaming industry, because of its interesting ghost hunting experience.

Phasmophobia Teases Main Menu Makeover + Update Details

Phasmophobia was one of the top games on Steam. Kinetic Games, has a great role in preserving the success of their successful game and we expect several more patches.

The developers have posted some glimpses of what’s coming in an upcoming update on the phasmophobia Steam page, as well as some of the great thoughts that will be applied at some time. A modification to the multiplayer lobby will allow you to vote on your preferred map or choose a random map.

Image Courtesy of Steam


Phasmophobia has improved and updated its gameplay, adding more ghosts and making them better hunters. Phasmophobia’s next update is approaching, and it appears that it’ll include a ghost that will cause us yet another headache.

Image Courtesy of Steam
  • The Moroi appears to be the new Phasmophobia ghost in Update 0.6.2. In Romanian tradition, the Moroi is a vampire ghost.
  • It’s sometimes supposed to be the spirit of a deceased individual who has returned from the tomb to drain their victim’s life power.


Phasmophobia is one of the best multiplayer horror games at this time. Since its initial release on Steam, a lot has been introduced and modified, and Kinetic is hoping to keep folks interested by continuing that work.

  • The ID cards and what looks to be a fresh area are the most fascinating changes to Phasmophobia. The final map introduced to Phasmophobia was Maple Lodge Campground from last year, which coincided with the introduction of a new nightmare mode.

    Image Courtesy of Steam
  • The first outdoor setting was Maple Lodge Campsite, where players had to go paranormal investigation in a very large camp. Fans have been requesting a new theme ever since.
  • The dev shows off a few very dark photos from the upcoming Sunny Meadows, with the Steam description claiming that the fallen and shattered lamps will give an additional challenge for players.
    Image Courtesy of Steam

    Image Courtesy of Steam


  • Several of the recent significant releases have focused on VR enhancements for Phasmophobia, which underwent a repair last April, although there were a few game-wide adjustments.
  • One of them totally transformed the lounge room and kitchen in Ridgeview, as well as rearranged the design of the maps, such as the placement of the supply room door in Tanglewood. Lastly,  hiding behind doors is much more difficult for gamers whenever the ghost hunts.
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