Development Will Be Much Simpler On PS5 And Xbox Scarlett According To Will Traxler

If PS4 and Xbox One seemed only a half step ahead of the previous generation of gaming machines, PS5 and Xbox Scarlett want to make a real leap forward. The developers, on average, are quite excited by the next-gen. They believe that the new consoles will allow them to create innovative and better works. One of these is Will Traxler. Creator of the next upcoming 2.5D combat platformer Exception. The developer is convinced that with new hardware it will be easier to optimize games, especially for indie developers.

Traxler recently gave an interview to GamingBolt’s microphones about his new game, but he took the opportunity to talk a little about PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

“I am very excited about seeing the performance of new hardware. Optimizing a title for a console is a challenge, especially when the console hardware is five or six years old. I think it’s not a big deal for AAA studios that can afford to assign some developers to optimization. But it is a challenge for a single person to spend a lot of time optimizing.”

“Any progress in hardware that creates serious performance improvements means that I can spend less time optimizing and more time creating content. I’m very happy about it. Can you believe that I’ve been working for a year and a half to prepare Exception for consoles?”

Traxler also talked about the benefits of backward compatibility, which will be supported by both PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. According to Traxler, this feature will benefit both consumers and developers. As it will encourage developers to update their catalog to make it better if played on new consoles. In this way, even the old PS4 and Xbox One games will continue to sell with the arrival of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. Tell us, what do you think?