Devil’s Hunt Coming To Switch In Early 2020; PS4 & Xbox Version Delayed To Early 2020 As Well

After getting announced for Steam, PS4 & Xbox One, Devil’s Hunt is finally making its way to Nintendo Switch as well. 1C Company today announced that the game will be releasing in early 2020 along with the other console ports of the game. The announcement was accompanied by a trailer.

Earlier, the other console ports were slated for a September 17th launch along with the Steam version. However, 1C Company today announced that to ensure that the PC version of the game “has the polish and commitment to quality”, the console ports have been delayed to Early 2020. This announcement comes with some good news though, that is, the game’s announcement for the Nintendo Switch.

The game is based on an original novel by Paweł Leśniak “Equilibrium”. Set in a third-person action setting, the game brings the fight between light and darkness, good and evil, and Angels and Demons, as you play as Desmond, the anti-hero who is capable of tilting the scales of victory on either side. Equipped with human as well as demonly powers, it’s up to him to decide where his fate lies.

Md Armughanuddinhttp://www.spieltimes.com
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