Devotion’s Red Candle Games Have Again Apologized, But Don’t Expect A Re-Release Soon

The Taiwanese developers Red Candle Games recently posted an update letter about their horror game “Devotion” on their Twitter account explaining there side of the story and apologizing to everybody who was impacted by the game.

Devotion is a game that was released on 19 February 2019 and it was really well received on Steam reaching #1 selling game. Then an easter egg was found within the game that referred to Winnie the Pooh and appeared to mock Chinese President Xi Jinping which then prompted a backlash from the Chinese side of the community.

It was then review bombed by people all over China and the controversy over the game has grown so much that the Vice Premier of Taiwan actually streamed himself playing the game earlier in support of the developers Red Candle Games.

Red Candle Games have stated in their letter that they will be re-releasing the game if the public will give them a chance, but don’t expect a re-release very soon as this is an extremely sensitive subject. Red Candle’s previous game, Detention, remains available. After some initial review bombs related to Devotion, its overall score has returned to “mostly positive.”

What are your thoughts on this?

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