Well, it seems like all the hype was true after all. Diablo 4 is indeed real and we finally have a person who received the artbook which has been making headlines since the past few days.

We finally have the images of Diablo 4 which is present in the Artbook released by Blizzard. The user reported that he received his artbook early. One of the things highlighted in the leaked pictures confirms the existence of Diablo 4. The artbook says:
” Diablo IV’s artistic vision was built using several key pillars:

  • Return To Darkness
  • Embrace the Legacy
  • Old Masters Pillar, which is shorthand for striving to make each part of the new game look like it was painted by a venerated artist such as Rembrandt or Ilya Repin.”

This very much confirms the presence of Diablo 4. You can find the leaked images below

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