Diablo 4: Closed beta – All new details about endgame content

Unlike most closed beta tests, Blizzard has focused more on endgame content this time for Diablo 4. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, they do not want to spoil the story for the players, keeping it as much of a surprise as possible. Secondly, they want to make players feel that the endgame is enjoyable. It’s where most players will spend their time after completing the campaigns.

As such, the closed beta tests revealed more about the endgame features and systems. While all players have gone through a confidentiality agreement, it has not stopped videos from releasing online. Here are some things players discovered as they went about this endgame test.

Diablo 4 Helltide Events

People reaching the endgame may encounter a Helltide while roaming the world. It is a region-wide event that empowers enemies, increasing their difficulty. With that, they are also dropping exponentially rarer loot depending on how stronger they get. Helltide is only available for players who’ve reached World Tier Three: Nightmare difficulty.

Aside from stronger enemies, there will be more elite enemies in the area. Harder difficulty with scaling rewards is the expectation from the end-games of ARPGs.

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Nightmare Dungeons

As you progress through the endgame, you’ll get a chance to pick up a Nightmare Sigil. These sigils are usable on the Sanctuary’s dungeons. It turns them into higher-difficulty encounters through special modifiers. You’ll fight harder enemies, get rarer loot, and also have the chance to drop even more powerful sigils to overcome.

However, players note that it isn’t a simple difficulty increase mechanism. The pace feels slower, and players must fulfill different objectives depending on the sigil.

Whispers of the Dead

You’ll see scattered Whispers throughout the Sanctuary, which you can accept. Each will have a task you must fulfill, granting gold and experience upon completion. You can also receive Grim Favors, which you can exchange for loot and experience. Players note that this system is similar to Diablo 3’s Bounties. In essence, these are rotating quests for you to complete.

Fields of Hatred

The Fields of Hatred will be the PVP zone for Diablo 4. Players can fight each other and enemies to gather Seeds of Hatred. You can bring these seeds to an Altar of Extraction, where you’ll convert them into Red Dust. You can then purchase PVP cosmetics, mounts, and other things through the red dust you collected.

The catch is that other players will target you to get your seeds or dust. You’ll need to move quickly to get the things you want or lose your hard-earned items.

First Impressions on the Diablo 4 Closed Beta

Players feel there is much more Blizzard can add to Diablo 4 with the world and encounters. However, it does feel much closer to modern ARPGs like Grim Dawn and Lost Ark. There is growing concern because Blizzard tends to add controversial systems to their games. Time will tell if Diablo 4 will meet expectations or shun them entirely.

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