Diablo 4 – Latest news, Character creation & more

As more details about Diablo 4 comes out to the public, the anticipation for it grows. Many people have doubts about Blizzard, with the controversies surrounding recent releases. There’s also the big issue with Diablo: Immortal, a hot talking point in the community.

With the revelation at The Game Awards, beta tests, and live streams, there’s a lot to cover. Here’s everything we know so far:

The Game Awards 2022

The Game Awards showcased a new trailer for Diablo 4, as the last remnants of humanity fight against a demonic invasion led by Lilith. We see Tyrael return to the frontlines, even moving from the sky to confront Lilith despite the horde. One of the biggest things to come from this trailer is a release date, which means that Blizzard is confident in a 2023 release.

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According to the trailer, June will be the date to target. It’s highly viable, given the number of beta tests Blizzard has conducted. However, they are being very secretive about the campaign, not wanting to leak details to the public. As such, most beta tests have limitations, focusing on specific aspects like dungeons and endgame content.

Character Creation

Unlike previous titles, Diablo 4 will feature character customization for all its classes. They’ve showcased galleries filled with different takes on each iconic class. The visual customization will allow you to change:

  • Hair and color
  • Eye color
  • Facial hair
  • Tattoos
  • Jewelry
  • Armor colors
  • Gender
  • And more

There will be five initial classes at launch, though Diablo 4 will be working on additions like the previous game. The classes are:

  1. Barbarian
  2. Necromancer
  3. Druid
  4. Rogue
  5. Sorceress

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass makes its appearance, as it looks like Blizzard has been favoring it by including it in all their recent games. They have not shared many details on this new monthly paid system, but it has triggered some outbursts in the community. The main criticism is the potential for Diablo 4 to become pay-to-win like Diablo: Immortal.

However, the developers tried to address this by saying they won’t replicate Immortal’s faults. The pass will be purely cosmetic in the upgrades, and players will not be able to pay for power.

They also iterated that the fanciest-looking gear won’t be available through the in-game shop or battle pass. While they will feature exclusives, some of the best armor will be available by playing the game. They’ve made it a point to avoid adding any bonuses or upgrades to your character with the cosmetics this time.

The Endgame

The End-game will be a critical focus of the game moving forward. It’s arguably one of the weaker points of the franchise, so the renewed interest in developing it is good to hear. We’ve seen its different features, but we’ll likely get a closer look once we get near the release date.

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