Diablo 4 Voice Actors and Confirmed Cast
Diablo 4 | Image courtesy of Blizzard

The highly anticipated Action RPG Diablo 4 by Blizzard has attracted an enormous following due to its distinctive features. The title has included Open World exploration and PvP elements while retaining beloved elements from previous titles like randomly generated dungeons and acquiring loot. As the game is scheduled for release on June 6, 2023, fans eagerly await the opportunity to experience this title and delve deeper into its characters. This guide presents the confirmed Diablo 4 voice actors and characters they will cast.

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Diablo 4: Voice Actors and their cast

In a tweet on their Twitter handle @Diablo, Blizzard has announced the following Diablo 4 voice actors:

  • Caroline Faber as Lilith
  • Gabe Kunda as Inarius
  • Anthony Howell as Elias
  • Debra Wilson as Prava


Diablo 4 Voice Actors and Confirmed Cast
Lilith and Caroline Faber | Image courtesy of Blizzard
  • Voice actor
    Caroline Faber
  • Lore

    • Lilith is the main antagonist of Diablo 4 and the daughter of Mephisto, Lord of Hatred. Caught in the endless war between the Burning Hells and High Heavens, Lilith sought to forge a new realm between the two. It would provide an escape from the toils of ceaseless war – a sanctuary.
    • She has been formerly romantically linked with Inarius – a former Archangel. This relationship eventually led to the creation of humanity and the Nephalem. However, this union was seen as an abomination in both the High Heavens and the Burning Hells.
    • When the Nephalem race started to gain power, the forces of the High Heavens and Burning Hells turned their attention to this new threat. They invaded Sanctuary and slaughtered many of the Nephalem before they could grow too strong.
    • Lilith went mad and decided that the only way to live in peace was to conquer or destroy both Heaven and Hell. As she waged war on both, Inarius, her former lover, had no choice but to exile the now tyrannical Lilith to the Void.
    • Despite being exiled, a cult in Sanctuary is still dedicated to her. They have probably been able to restore her now that the events of Diablo 3 have decimated the Prime Evils and Aegis Council. This lets her take center stage as the primary antagonist of Diablo 4.


Diablo 4 Voice Actors and Confirmed Cast
Inarius and Gabe Kunda | Image courtesy of Blizzard
  • Voice actor
    Gabe Kunda
  • Lore

    • The former lover of Lilith, Inarius, was once a powerful angel who led the forces of the High Heavens in their war against the Prime Evils of Hell. When the Demon lords managed to defeat Inarius, he was held captive in Hell and tortured. The result of his tortures made him resentful of his former allies.
    • During his captivity, Inarius saw that some Demon lords were growing tired of the Eternal Conflict. This is where he met Lilith and was eventually rescued by her. Lilith was leading a rebellion against Hell and encouraged Inarius to do the same against Heaven.
    • They eventually formed Sanctuary, a place for humans, Demons, Angels, and the Nephalem who wanted to be free of the Eternal Conflict. However, as the Nephalem grew stronger and the forces of Heaven and Hell attacked Sanctuary, Inarius eventually betrayed Lilith and cast her into the Void.
    • Throughout the events of Diablo, Inarius has built a religion around himself and has reframed events to make himself look heroic. This became the dominant religion in Sanctuary, as the humans and Nephalem viewed Inarius as their savior.
    • However, when Lilith returns, she begins tearing down the religion Inarius has built, possibly to flush him out into the open for a confrontation with her.


Diablo 4 Voice Actors and Confirmed Cast
Elias and Anthony Howell | Image courtesy of Blizzard
  • Voice actor
    Anthony Howell
  • Lore

    • Not much is known about Elias except one crucial detail – he was the one who summoned Lilith to Sanctuary. A lot of theories can, however, be drawn. For one, it has been established that he is a priest.
    • His name also resembles Elijah, the most prominent prophet of Biblical times, who is sometimes even referred to as an angel. Elijah is regarded as a herald for a messiah’s arrival and the world’s subsequent end. From this, a parallel can already be seen.
    • Elias has already fulfilled his herald role by summoning Lilith to the world. It is also theorized that Elias might have previously worked with Inarius, possibly as a high priest, during Lilith’s banishment. This is why he knew how to resurrect her.


Prava and Debra Wilson | Image courtesy of Blizzard
  • Voice actor
    Debra Wilson
  • Lore

    • Even less is known about Prava. We know that she is currently the high priestess of the Cathedral of Light. She is the right hand of Inarius and the leader of his forces.
    • Prava is dedicated to Inarius and believes that he can save humanity. The only thing we know about Prava’s past is that Inarius healed her from seizures, after which she became his faithful servant.

As for the other cast members of Diablo 4, Blizzard is yet to release more information about them. We’ll update this guide once we know more about the voice actors in Blizzard’s upcoming game set to release on June 6, 2023.

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