Diablo Immortal: Ancient Arena Event – All Details

Diablo Immortal Ancient Arena Map

Participate now in the Diablo Immortal: Ancient Arena Event! If you need help, you can count on us for all the details you need!

Diablo Immortal: Ancient Arena Event Guide

Diablo Immortal Bilefen
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The Diablo Immortal: Ancient Arena event happening in the Bilefen zone. The PvP quest event can be completed with a team and be rewarded with a legendary item!

Your participation in the Ancient Arena event requires you to first accomplish the entire solo campaign missions given in Bilefen. Leveling up (to Level 60, yep) is required, as well, to further finish the quests ahead which then, you may go to the Ancient Arena.

However, the players are only given every three hours between 10:30 AM and 10:30 PM local server time to hop in the Ancient Arena. As the event starts, the battle begins, as well, and the Arena is closed.

Just a tip, you might want to enter the event with a party as it gives you (and your party) a higher chance of winning the Ancient Arena event. Also, if you are lucky enough to experience a game with only less than four players, you may want to start a party so you can with over the Ancient Guardian!

How to Complete the Ancient Arena Event

Now, the battle begins! The match starts, along with the appearance of an Ancient Guardian that will protect the Nephalem Cache. The Cache is visible in the middle of the arena, and to successfully complete the objective (to open the chest), you must defeat the Ancient Guardian.

Diablo Immortal Ancient Arena Battle
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Your party versus other players! Remember that anyone aside from your party is considered your enemy. Yes, that means they can attack you, or better yet you may attack them. While we’re at it, battling these enemies is not your main objective.

However, they want to open the chest too! We advise you to battle out other players to avoid any interruptions while opening the Nephalem Cache (of course, defeat the Ancient Guardian too!).

Additionally, the good side of defeating these enemies? Well, aside from the interruptions, they would drop temporary boosts while in the arena through the orbs. You might want to get those orbs to get a higher chance of standing last in the Ancient Arena.

A 20-minute timer is given during the event, and the Ancient Arena event stops after the timer ends. Also, when the Nephalem Cache is opened, the event ends.

Diablo Immortal: Ancient Arena Event Rewards

If you happen to win the Ancient Arena Zone event, then you are in luck with your rewards! The party that successfully opens the Nephalem Cache receives the following rewards:

  • Random gear
  • x6 Enchanted Dusts
  • Guaranteed Legendary Item

These items are helpful if you are completing a build. So be ready to battle the Ancient Guardian and other players!

Are you up for the challenge?

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