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Diablo Immortal has 3 Factions and each one has its own perks so players would want to explore each faction while they progress through the game. The three factions are Adventurers, Shadows, and Immortals. In this article, we will focus on how to join the Shadows Faction and how the Shadow Lottery works. Enjoy!

Diablo Immortal: Shadows Faction

    • If you want to leave the Adventurers and join the Shadows, there will be a protocol to follow.
    • You can start by entering the Shadows lottery and expecting to be chosen at random to join the Faction.
    • Otherwise, you’ll need an invitation from someone in the Shadows. The number of players in this Faction is unlimited.
    • The Shadows’ goal is to assemble a powerful force capable of defeating the Immortals.
    • You must complete “The Cycle” quest and be level 43 or higher.

How to Join

Joining a dark clan is an important component of Diablo Immortal, but you must first win the Shadow Lottery which is harder than it seems. The Shadow Lottery is purely random, although you do receive three chances per day to attempt. It’s merely the beginning once your lucky number gets called to join the faction. You must still accomplish a series of challenges before being considered eligible of joining a Dark Clan.


To be recruited into the Shadow faction, you must first enter the Diablo Immortal Shadow Lottery. 12pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm server time, this lottery takes place for an hour every day.

  • The following are the steps to join the Shadow faction through the lottery:
    • Make contact with the Mysterious Patron. The NPC may be found in Westmarch’s Tavern.

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    • If you’re chosen, the NPC will invite you to a chamber behind him. You’ll have to fight three Ancient Champions to show your worth as a Shadow member.
Path of Blood
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Choose the “Shadow Mettle” dialogue option when your ticket appears and you speak with the Patron again to acquire a set of three new objectives. Go to the Court of Whispers and speak with Nuon to start the first one, Path of Blood. This one requires you to beat multiple rounds of foes on your own.

Vault Raider
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Once you join the Shadows: Vault Raider, the next duty will become somewhat easy for you. To begin the action, speak with Fyggus in the Court of Whispers. This time, the goal is to collect at least 25 Essentia, which are rare drops from opponents in the vaults. You also don’t want to wake up the Wardens, who will raise an alarm if they spot you.

Create Your Own or Join a Dark Clan

Speak with the Mysterious Patron once more after completing the Vault Raid challenge. Your ultimate task is to defeat three Ancient Champions on your own, and if you succeed, the Shadows will welcome you to join them.

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Finding a Dark Clan or creating your own is the last step.


The simplest way to join the Shadow is to receive an invitation from a current member who uses Akeba’s Signet.

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  • After winning the Lottery a second time and conquering three guardians, Shadows members can receive the Signet.
  • Every time you recruit a new member, you will receive 20 Hilts and experience. As a result, obtaining these is critical if new members are to be recruited.

So there you have it: all you need to know about joining the Shadows Faction in Diablo Immortal.

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