Diablo Immortal - Haunted Carriage
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The Haunted Carriage is a new zone event in Diablo Immortal. You will fight against the Tax Collector in the Ashwold Cemetery region here. Read on to learn more about the Haunted Carriage event and the Tax Collector in Diablo Immortal.

How to participate in the Haunted Carriage event for Diablo Immortal

To participate in this zone event, take note that it is only available in the Ashwold Cemetery zone and begins every two hours. Moreover, the event is unlocked from 9 am to 11 pm server time. Players can also participate up to seven times a day in the Haunted Carriage event. So be sure to start the event once every 2 hours that it is active.

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Once you’re logged onto Diablo Immortal, travel to Ashwold Cemetery on a Tuesday or Saturday before the event begins. Then, you will see a notification on your screen asking if you want to participate in the event. Selecting ‘OK’ will automatically start the event. Afterward, make your way to the carriage in Ashwold Manor to start.

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Completing the Haunted Carriage event

Players will find themselves at Carriage Landing, where the statue of a carriage is located at the center. There will be a short preparation timer to get all players ready. Then, the Haunted Carriage will start moving around the zone. Players must stay near the carriage and protect it from the Undead Guards every time it stops.

However, this event also features a boss called the Tax Collector. After players successfully defeat a few waves of Undead Guards, the carriage will proceed to The Ossuary for its final stop. This is also where the Tax Collector will appear. Although it is relatively easy to defeat the Tax Collector, players need to team up together to take the boss down since they have high HP. Additionally, you need to make sure that you hit the Tax Collector at least once to claim the event rewards.

The Haunted Carriage event also has different difficulties you can choose from. The harder it is, the more rewards you can get.

Event rewards

After completing the Haunted Carriage event and defeating the Tax Collector, players are rewarded with the following:

  • 3x Enchanted Dust
  • 3x Experience Orbs
  • Class consumable
  • Other items depending on the difficulty

As mentioned above, players can easily get more rewards depending on how hard the event is. But it is recommended to start from Hell 1, so you’ll know what’s in store for you in this event.

Make sure to participate in this event in Diablo Immortal since this is one of the easiest ways for you to farm Enchanted Dust. We hope this guide helped you in completing the Haunted Carriage event.

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