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In this article, we will discuss All Details we know so far about Zaerhud Elite including where to find and how to beat it. Enjoy!

Zaerhud Elite Location + How To Beat

In Diablo Immortal, Zaerhud is a Unique Purple Elite monster. Zaerhud is a random spawn in Diablo Immortal with a twist. It doesn’t spawn in a specific area just by you simply roaming or waiting. You must trigger an event for it to spawn. We will also discuss its abilities and the linked achievement in his quest.


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  • One of the key Areas in Diablo Immortal that players can explore is Dark Wood. In this area, you will find Zaerhud Elite. The recommended level in this zone is around level 24+ for you to survive and grind more in other sectors if you want to easily clear this zone with ease.
    • In Dark Wood, travel southwest of the Tree of Inifuss. This is where Zaerhud can be found. But keep in mind that you will only confront this boss if you complete the related Wanted Side Quest.
    • When you’re close by, there’s a chance that Unique Purple Elite creatures will randomly spawn nearby.
    • The words New Event and Wanted in the Quest Sidebar will show on the screen when a Unique Elite has spawned.
    • If the monster can’t be discovered where it is supposed to be, consider leaving and returning to the region later because Unique Elites are rather irregular spawns.
Wanted Side Quest Achievement: Zaerhud – Attacks and Patterns
Screengrab Courtesy of Lundea Gaming via YouTube
  • Ice Beam – The monster quickly generates three ice beams from the sky, each of which deals damage and deals Chill.
  • Death Spawn – Slimes arise from the monster’s corpse after death and need to be exterminated.

There’s nothing special with this Elite Boss. Knowing its skills simply makes it easier to defeat. No strategy is needed to defeat this Boss. Attack and destroy all slimes after you defeat Zaerhud.

Area Bosses Explained

  • In Diablo Immortal, there are numerous areas to explore, and among the foes to be found there are Elite Bosses.
    • In each area, a random location on the map will host an Elite Boss.
    • The regularity of these Elites’ summoning is entirely dependent on the sort of Elite they are; Champions will be the most frequently spawned form of Elite, with the rate of spawns decreasing from Rare to Ancient and lastly to Unique Elites.
  • There are three additional categories of Elite Opponents: Champion, Rare, and Ancient.
    • These enemies are special variations of the common enemies you encounter in the Game World.
    • Contrary to Unique Elites, these Elites have no unique names, yet their level of difficulty is higher than that of standard foes.

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