Did (G)I-DLE throw shade at LE SSERAFIM in new Heat Album Track? | Lyrics Explained

Did (G)I-DLE shade LE SSERAFIM in the EP Heat?

Are the new-gen K-pop girl groups (G)I-DLE and LE SSERAFIM launching a friendly fight with the new releases? This question became the center of heated discussion after the release of (G) I-DLE’s all-English album Heat on October 6, 2023. Many fans alleged that the Queencard singers threw shade at LE SSERAFIM in the lyrics of their title track I Want That, while many disagreed.

Throwing shade at another group or dissing them as a challenge to address it with music has been part of K-pop for a long time. However, it is usually limited to the hip-hop side of the industry and tracks. Therefore, the recent allegations of (G)I-DLE dissing LE SSERAFIM became a viral topic of discussion among the fans of both girl groups. Let’s explore if the allegations are true.

Did (G)I-DLE throw shade at LE SSERAFIM in the title track of Heat album?

(G)I-DLE released their all-English EP Heat, consisting of five songs, including the title track I Want That. This track explores the girl group’s desire to have a passionate connection with music and fans by establishing that they are at a stage where they have achieved their goals successfully.

The song is catchy with speedy, breezy, upbeat music that captures (G) I-DLE’s confidence and ambitions. However, some of the listeners misheard the lyrics of a French section of the song, interpreting it as a shade directed towards LE SSERAFIM.

  • The said section goes, ‘I want that, oui, merci, no, c’est la vie,’ which was misheard as ‘I want that, remix, no SSERAFIM.’ As the lyrics are set on the high BPM sound, the funny misinterpretation started to go viral among the fans of (G)I-DLE, eventually leading to confusion and debates.
  • However, neither of the girl groups has addressed this controversy, and it is entirely upon the netizens to decide if the lyrics are a misinterpretation or a hidden shade at the group’s contemporary quintet.

(G) I-DLE’s EP Heat: A Recap

After establishing themselves as hit makers in Korea and Japan, the self-producing girl group (G)I-DLE collaborated with 88rising to release an all-English EP. Heat consists of five tracks led by the energetic I Want That. However, the album is limited in the scope that it adds to their discography.

While most of the NEVERLANDs will be excited with the new styles and approaches to the music, many will also miss the lyrical and musical charms of the group that are present in their self-produced albums. The track Flip It, featuring the girl boss energy and Shuhua’s rap, is particularly a hit-or-miss track because of its lyrics.

The other titles from the album, including Eyes Roll with high danceability and Tall Trees with soft and steady vocals, comparing the members with trees that grow with fans’ love, capture the unique sound of the group and their lyrical strengths.

Meanwhile, the pre-release track I Do already garnered the K-pop girl group praise for their excellent vocals capturing the melancholy sounds of the song, which is a great addition to the album. So, overall, Heat continues to capture the confident, empowering, and dominant charms of (G)I-DLE in a new language.

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