There are few who haven’t had their jaws dropping and opening when Megan Fox appeared with that low-cut exposed belly button and waistline shot in Transformers. But the woman of every boy’s hot dreams seems to be on her way toward the family line once again. Did Megan Fox and MGK get married or broke up?

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have been an item in the Hollywood scene for the past three years, attracting attention with their public displays of affection, affectionate statements, and even a symbolic exchange of blood.

What are the rumors saying?

Megan Fox and Mgk get married?
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  • And this is not some metaphorical statement. They did pull this stunt (if you will call it) where they drank each others’ blood. Vampires among us, gentleman? Machine Gun Kelly, who is a father of one, referred to their relationship as his first “true intense relationship”.

However, rumors of trouble in their relationship have been circulating. Have Megan Fox and MGK broken up?

Megan said, “The first time I looked into his eyes, I was like, ‘I know you. I have known you so many times, in so many different forms, in so many different lives.”

Did Megan fox and MGK get married?

megan fox and machine gun kelly

In January 2022, news broke that the couple had gotten engaged.

The couple finally became engaged, with Megan sharing a video of the special moment on Instagram along with a touching caption.

  • To commemorate the occasion, the couple returned to a Banyan tree, where Megan stated they sought magic in July 2020. The rumors about Colson and Megan were dispelled as the couple continued to make public appearances together, never addressing the allegations.
  • To celebrate their first anniversary as a couple, Megan proudly displayed her engagement ring at the beginning of the year.  But things turned odiously twisting when Megan pulled this stunt –

Megan Fox deleted all the pictures of MGK on her Instagram

  • Megan Fox posted a photo of a burning letter. Writing something that hints at someone being fake or having committed adultery.
  • She also removed all her photos of him together and stopped following him as well. These all are significant enough that they have indeed broken up. Even before they could get married.

How did Megan Fox and MGK begin?

are megan fox and mgk married
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Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox first encountered each other on the set of their film, Midnight in the Switchgrass. According to Fox, she knew from the start that they would eventually be together.

At the time of their meeting, Megan was still married to her then-husband, Brian Austin Green. However, the couple announced their split after a decade of marriage and three children.

A few months later, Megan became involved with Machine Gun Kelly, appearing in his music video for Bloody Valentine. Although the couple never officially confirmed their relationship, it was clear to fans that there was a connection between them as they were frequently seen together, engaging in public displays of affection.

During an interview with The Washington Post, the star of the Transformers franchise, Megan Fox, talked about the moment she met the rapper, Machine Gun Kelly. She stated that it only took her two days to know that he was her soulmate. Although she never anticipated that they would start dating in real life, their chemistry just kept growing.

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