Did Twitch ban Fortnite pro player Ninja after streaming on Kick?

Did Twitch ban Fortnite pro player Ninja after streaming on Kick?

It wouldn’t be a lie to say Ninja is considered one of the best streamers for Fortnite. Ninja is a popular gamer with a captivating personality and great gaming abilities. He is widely known for his Fortnite streaming on Twitch. He left Twitch, though, and moved to the new streaming service Kick, because of recent changes in regulations of Twitch Agreements and a need for creative freedom. But was Ninja banned from Twitch because of a stream where he is seen playing Fortnite on Kick? Let’s find out more about this friction between pro-Fortnite players, Ninja, and Twitch.

Did Twitch ban Fortnite pro-Ninja?

Long story short, it’s pretty unclear at this point whether Twitch did ban Ninja or not. To reach a conclusion, let us go ahead and look into the timeline of events that have recently happened between Twitch and Ninja.

Ninja’s Call for Freedom to the Creators

As discontent with Twitch’s practices grew, Ninja moved to social media to express his concerns and unite content producers to take back their control. The Fortnite legend slammed Twitch’s “tone-deaf” limitations in several tweets, saying that they not only harmed content producers but also harmed the platform overall.

In our previous article, we pointed out the backlash Twitch has been facing due to its updated agreements and contracts. Ninja pointed out the value of allowing creators the freedom to select the streaming services they want to use. He argued an overall ban on multi-casting was not ideal since it made it harder for creators to engage with their audience.

Ninja and Kick 

  • Kick is a growing streaming platform that has been addressing problems with Twitch’s streamer agreement. Well, one man’s loss is another man’s profit and Kick does understand that. Kick has been taking benefit from backlash Twitch is receiving by inviting Twitch streamers to their platform by offering massive perks.
  • Ninja made a daring move by announcing his departure from the platform as the controversy against Twitch’s regulations grew stronger. Although he had previously said that he would not be renewing his partnership with Twitch, the platform’s restriction on multi-casting and its impact on his creative freedom led him to decide to depart forever.
  • Ninja decided to make a transition to Kick. Fans reacted to this move with excitement and interest since it hinted at an upcoming change in the streaming landscape.
  • In a recent YouTube video posted by Ninja, he is seen streaming on Kick for the first time. Ninja shares a glimpse of his account being banned by Twitch on his stream as he lashes out with words like ” F@$k Twitch”. Although Ninja shared a screenshot of his Twitch account being inaccessible, we can still see his account accessible on Twitch.

This is not the first time Ninja left Twitch for streaming on another platform. He previously moved to Mixer. One thing is for sure: the new Twitch Agreements are too strict and not going well with the streamers. But what do you think of Twitch banning one of the most influential streamers of Fortnite?

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