Digimon Survive Coming Soon? Gets ESRB Rating

Originally planned for a 2019 release, the game was pushed back to 2022 in July of this year. Even though the game promises a lot, many people are just hoping to get their hands on it soon.

ESRB Rating

The new ESRB rating could indicate that Digimon Survive is closer than previously imagined. While an ESRB rating does not guarantee a release date, the game has had an official rating in three countries since the postponement notification. “Crude humor, fantasy violence, cursing, and light blood” are among the reasons for the game’s T rating.

The ESRB rating also gives fans additional information about what they can expect to see in the game, though prepare to be a bit disappointed if you’re a Digimon fan wanting a grounded, mature experience with adult themes. While there is a brief reference to a “bloodstained corpse” that appears in one of the game’s cutscenes, there is a lengthy description of a “Poop Toss” maneuver that includes “squishy” sound effects.

Screengrab Courtesy of FFAN 16 via Youtube
  • People are expecting that the ESRB rating would put an end to the delays that have plagued the game’s release. While fans haven’t waited long for Digimon Survive, many believed that its status would lead to the game’s postponement.
  • Digimon fans are a dedicated group that enjoys dressing up as their favorite characters and obtaining every Digimon media available. So long as Digimon Survive provides some information soon, the game should be able to overcome its frustrating delays. For PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One, Digimon Survive has a 2022 launch date.

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