Digimon Survive Release Date + Karma System + Attributes Explained

In this article, we will try to explain how the Karma System works and share the release date of Digimon Survive. Stay Tuned! In a recent blog post, Bandai Namco outlines how the Karma system will affect gameplay in Digimon Survive before its July 29 release.

Digimon Survive is finally due to premiere this week to the satisfaction of the franchise’s fans after years of delays and changes in the development team. In a new blog post published in advance of the game’s release, PlayStation and Bandai Namco explain what to anticipate from the Karma system in Digimon Survive and how it will affect your story experience.

Digimon Survive Release Date + Karma System Explained

The newest installment, Digimon Survive, is slated to offer a fresh perspective on the famous franchise. Digimon Survive, a visual novel with tactical battle aspects and a strong focus on player choice, is planning to inject a considerably darker tone into the Digimon franchise. It tells the narrative of four teens on a camping trip who wind up in the digital world.

As players go through the game, the new Karma system will reinforce that emotion by rewarding their decisions.

Liao, an associate manager goes into great detail in the blog article about how the Karma system would alter the player experience. The player’s choices in Digimon Survive, such as what they do in the morning or whether to fight or run, will have a significant effect on their Karma score.

All Decision Making is up to YOU!!!

The choices that Takuma Momozuka, the game’s protagonist, will have to make as the plot progresses will depend on the players. Takuma Momozuka is the main character in Digimon Survive.

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  • The options include straightforward decisions like what to do first thing in the morn and more difficult ones that require the party members to engage in combat or flee.
  • The Karma score will then be impacted by these decisions. Each option is valid, but they all have an impact on how the game is scored in different ways. This will also have an impact on Takuma’s Digimon, Agumon, as well as its development.

    Screengrab Courtesy of Bandai Namco Entertainment America via YouTube

Karma will be into three groups that have an effect on the development of the main character Takuma’s Digimon. This would be Agumon or the various varieties of Digimon a player has access to.

Three Basic Categories of Karma:

  • Moral, Harmonic, and Wrathful are the three types of Karma. As their names imply, we can identify each by coloring. The simple definition hints at what it actually means in the game.
    1. Yellow represents moral, which emphasizes justice and gives users access to Digimon of the Vaccine type. 
      • You can increase your Moral Points by making choices that emphasize justice, selflessness, or even caution. Takuma will have something in common with the Digimon with the Vaccine characteristic if he lives a life of moral decisions.
    2. Harmony, which emphasizes cooperation and will be by the color green, is compatible with Digimon of the Data type.
      • A decision that raises your Harmony score includes feelings like compassion, cooperation, and peace, among others. The option on the right will always be this score, which is the color green. The Digimon of the Data attribute will respond best to those with a high Harmony score.
    3. Red indicates Wrathful, which concentrates on attaining the goal no matter what, and attracts Digimon of the Virus type.
      • Aggressive, direct, and goal-oriented Red is the color of wrath, and it always occupies a place in the top-left choice. Digimon of the Virus attribute is particularly in connection with these powerful personality traits.
  • The recruitment of particular Digimon and the Digivolution path a player can access directly depend on the direction they tend to go in.

Karma makes this game more interesting as this will give us plenty of options to explore and which decision will make or break the storyline we want to pursue in the game.

John Liao then concludes by pointing out that there is no right or wrong response. It is customary for games of this kind that aim to encourage player discovery. The game’s fighting system, where some Digimon have an advantage over others, should be noted, nevertheless. Vaccine > Virus > Data > Vaccine is how Liao breaks it down.

It appears that Digimon Survive will mark a significant change for the franchise. In the previous case, was originally a rival of the Pokemon series. I’m hoping this is what Digimon needs to revitalize the franchise, given how much Pokemon has changed over the years.

Important Notes About Attributes:

Similar to how Takuma’s Karma choices reveal his personality type, the traits of Digimon are intimately related to their personalities.

Screengrab Courtesy of Bandai Namco Entertainment America via YouTube
  • There will be various opportunities for you to recruit other Digimon throughout your journey.
  • You can “speak” to other Digimon in Free Battle mode to try and convince them to join your team.
    • A few questions pertaining to their personality will be asked of you.
    • If you’re successful, you can either ask for anything or try to recruit them.
  • Your likelihood of recruiting Digimons will increase if you have a high Karma score for the related attribute.
  • In battle, Digimon’s characteristic is also very important. A specific type or class can be far more effective against other Digimon.
    Screengrab Courtesy of Bandai Namco Entertainment America via YouTube
    • Just like in Pokemon where your Fire-Type Pokemon will be super-effective against Grass-Type and so on.
    • Do not mistake these for direct countermeasures; rather, they provide a general guideline for assessing the effectiveness of strikes.
  • Additionally, Agumon’s Digivolution path will be determined by Takuma’s highest Karma score.
    • For instance, if Takuma receives the best score in Harmony, Agumon will open that specific Data branch of Digivolutions.

There is no right or wrong solution to these actions because they are all being tracked and evaluated. You’ll have to follow your own inner guidance system and discover the stories and resolutions that are uniquely your own.

Screengrab Courtesy of Bandai Namco Entertainment America via YouTube

Release Date + Platforms

  • On July 29, Digimon Survive will be available on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

    Image Courtesy of @blazikuno via Twitter
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