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Hey, players! Have you been playing Digimon Survive and are curious about how to get items easier? Well, you may need our help to know all locations where you can find Negotiation Items in the game. Also, of course, you can battle out with your opponents, negotiation is just an ability and an option for you if can’t battle at the moment!

Meanwhile, the negotiation system in Digimon Survive is conversing with your enemy Digimon and when done correctly, can give you additional rewards! Exciting? It sure is! You may want to look over this list we have to help you in your Digimon adventure.

Digimon Survive: All Locations of Negotiation Items

There are two types of items you can get depending on where you play. You should know and use the right words to persuade your enemy Digimon when it comes to negotiating and be rewarded with Battle Items or Training Items. We’ll list them for you, you may read them below!

Training Items

To start this, there are Training Items that can be additional rewards after a successful negotiation with enemy Digimons. So, we list down the Digimons you may talk to before you can have your wanted rewards here! Check it out below.

Sincerity Melon

There are two types of Sincerity Melon in Digimon Survive: the Sincerity Melon and the Large Sincerity Melon. Moreover, the first is a training item that increases your Digimon maximum SP when taken. Although, the large is easier to get as it’s rewarded by more common Digimon in the game. Their difference is that the latter has a stronger effect than the normal Sincerity Melon.

Here are the Digimons where you can acquire the melons upon negotiation:

Sincerity Melon

  • Cerberusmon

Large Sincerity Melon

  • Andromon
  • Mermaimon
  • Triceramon

Giant Mushroom and Giant Odd Mushroom

Next on our list are the Giant Mushroom and Giant Odd Mushroom. It helps in raising your Digimon’s maximum HP, this comes in handy for Digimons with low XPs. Compared to Gian Mushroom, the Giant Odd Mushroom is the enhanced mushroom item in Digimon Survive. Using this can help your Digimon stand longer in battles.

Also, the Digimons below are where you can get these mushroom items:

Giant Mushroom

  • Gigadramon
  • Weregarurumon

Giant Odd Mushroom

  • Deramon

    Digimon partners
    Image Courtesy of PlayStation

Amulet Acorn

This Amulet Acorn raises the SP Defense of the target. This is most helpful for Digimons whose SP Defense runs low, so this is a handy item to have! Also, when given to a defensive Digimon, it enhances it more.

The following Digimon rewards you with the Amulet Acorn:

  • Angewomon

Superpower Pineapple

Also, you can acquire this through negotiation as well! The Superpower Pineapple is highly useful for offense as this training item heightens the Digimon’s Physical Attack. Luckily, if this Digimon is offensively-minded, this Superpower Pineapple item makes it more dangerous!

Here are the Digimons that you can negotiate with to get this item:

  • Iceolomon
  • Jewelbeemon
  • Okuwamon
  • Spinomon

All-Out Banana

Furthermore, try this All-Out Banana item to increase the SPD statistic of the Digimon. This training item comes in handy which you can use with slow-moving Digimons. The Digimons that move quite slowly yet attack strongly could use this item well!

This training item can be rewarded by the following Digimon:

  • Lillymon

    Digimon Survive
    Screengrab Image Courtesy of Digimon Games via Twitter

Crunchy Apple

Followed by another fruit item, Crunchy Apple, which raises the Physical Defense of the target. Digimon can consume them to strengthen their defenses or enhance the defensive Digimons more during their fights.

You can find this training item in negotiation with the following Digimon:

  • Megakabuterimon

Clobber Carrot and Crunchy Clobber Carrot

A vegetable now enters our list, the Clobber Carrot increases the SP Attack of the target. Having this consumed, the Special Attack of the Digimon equates to great effectiveness. However, you may want to look at the Crunchy Clobber Carrot if you want a greater boost of the target’s SP Attack.

Find this carrot item in negotiation with the Digimons below:

Clobber Carrot

  • Skullgreymon

Crunchy Clobber Carrot

  • Metalgarurumon

Enlightenment Slab

Let’s move on to one of the most valuable items to have in your inventories the Enlightenment Slab. There are three kinds, firstly the Mature Enlightenment Slab is an evolution item that raises the Rookie/Child form of Digimons to Champion/Adult.
The second kind is the Perfect Enlightenment Slab which evolves target from Champion/Adult form to Ultimate/Perfect stage. This is best to use to evolve the free Digimons you have acquired.
Lastly, the Ultimate Enlightenment Slab is the last evolution item that enhances Digimons in the Ultimate/Perfect stage to its Mega/Ultimate form.

Here is the Digimons you can negotiate with to receive this additional reward:

Mature Enlightenment Slab
  • Dobermon
  • Garurumon
  • Kabuterimon
  • Kuwagamon
  • Leomon
Perfect Enlightenment Slab
  • Magnaangemon
  • Metalgreymon
  • Zudomon
Ultimate Enlightenment Slab
  • Grankuwagamon
  • Herculeskabuterimon
  • Marineangemon
  • Piedmon
  • Wargreymon

Battle Items

On to the next possible rewards, Battle Items may also be acquired after a successful negotiation against an enemy Digimon. We’re also listing the items you can receive from the following Digimons too. Proceed to read below to know more!

Bandage and Big Bandage

Starting the Battle Items list, using Bandage is help in the early healing of your target. Although, Big Bandages are easier to use and more effective for Rookie and Champion forms, and an OK use for Ultimate Digimons too. Both bandages are great to have in your inventory!

So, you can have these bandages upon negotiation with these Digimons:


  • Gazimon
  • Gotsumon
  • Betamon
  • Biyomon

Big Bandage

  • Birdramon
  • Deltamon
  • Diatrymon
  • Dokugumon
  • Fangmon
  • Guardromon
  • Meramon
  • Numemon
  • Sangloupmon
  • Tuskmon
  • Wendigomon

Salve Pack

Another on the list, Salve Pack is best of use when numerous Digimons need healing as it is an area of effect or AOE healing item. Although there are more effective than Salve Pack, like All Purpose Ointment, this is still a huge help for a couple of injured teammates.

Here are the Digimons that reward you with Salve Pack after negotiation:

  • Gomamon
  • Palmon
  • Renamon
  • Tentomon

Clean Dressing

Besides the above-mentioned healing items, Clean Dressing is best used for single healing as it greatly increases the life of its target when consumed. You may want to leave a space for this healing item in your inventory.

Specifically, you can retrieve Clean Dressing from the following:

  • Garudamon
  • Megaseadramon

Digimon Survive talksAll Purpose Ointment

Previously we have mentioned an ointment, All Purpose Ointment is best used for AOE healing, but makes it greatly more effective than Salve Pack. This item can do a group healing as long as the position of the Digimons is close together.

Therefore, get a chance to grab the ointment after negotiation with these Digimons:

  • Ikkakumon
  • Dinorexmon

Ribs, Choice Ribs, Prime Ribs, and Rib Party Set

To begin with, the most basic rib item is the Ribs as it restores the target’s SP. Ribs item is better used in the early part of the game. Easily outdid Ribs is Choice Ribs as it restores a larger amount of SP to who consumed the item. Followed by Prime Ribs, which is an item that is best used for single SP restoring in the game.

This is best consumed by Mega Digimons who require a lot of SP restoration which is important in matches. Meanwhile, the Rib Party Set is an AOE SP healing item that is better used with a group of Mega Digimons to restore their SP.

These aforementioned rib items can be captured by negotiating with the Digimons below:


Choice Ribs

  • Angemon
  • Cyclonemon
  • Gatomon
  • Seasarmon

Prime Ribs

  • Crowmon
  • Megadramon
  • Metalseadramon

Rib Party Set

  • Machinedramon
  • Phoenixmon

Energy Seed and Boost Seed

Besides the countless healing and restoration, seeds are used for your opponents. As we have said, Energy Seed makes the opponents’ stat attack unsuccessful. On the other hand, Boost Seed voids all and any stat effects. This can be used mid-game and certainly, these seeds are of great use in facing stronger enemies.

Here you can peek at the Digimons you can nab these seeds after negotiating:

Energy Seed

  • Arukenimon

Boost Seed

  • Bluemeramon
  • Etemon
  • Marinedevimon

Fresh Snakehead

Last, in our Battle Items list, the Fresh Snakehead is the top-tier item (the best!) in healing and restoring Digimons in the game. This healing and restoring item fully restores HP and SP when consumed.

Here is the Digimons you can receive the Fresh Snakehead item from:

  • Beelzemon
  • Varodurumon

Did you take note of these Digimons and Items to get?

You can play Digimon Survive on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. You can purchase the game here on Bandai Namco Entertainment. Just choose what platform you’ll play Digimon Survive, buy, then enjoy the game, players!

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