Alright, gaming has never been better without clear and hassle-free communication. Some utilize Discord as an application for communication, whether it be for games, hanging out online, music listening with friends, or just streaming together. People may have found Discord more useful for everyone when the global pandemic hit. As the market continues to grow, Discord added a few more features for gamers as well. The application allows linking accounts for a while now AKA Discord Connections. Moreover, Discord Linked Roles, a newly added feature arrives too, if you’re curious about how all of these works, then keep on reading with us.

Linking Accounts on Discord

If you are a regular user of Discord, you probably know about this already. We just want to share, the first application we ever linked an account on Discord was the music streaming giant, Spotify. Well, friends would know what you’re currently listening to on Spotify when you successfully link your account to the application. It’s a nice way to subtly communicate!

Discord linking accounts, connections
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  • As time flies by, Discord expanded the list of connections to that you can have your accounts linked. If you play quite a lot and have your friends on Discord, this is *definitely* a life-saver. You just get updated with what video game they’re playing or what music they’re listening to.

How do Connections work?

Just on Monday, December 12th, Discord announces a roll-out of new Connections everyone can enjoy. Also, a newly added feature called Linked Roles may also be utilized with the following new Connections.

  • Here’s the easiest way to understand what Linked Roles and Connections can do: These Connections can then be utilized by community moderators and admins to build or grant new Linked Roles that can provide access to special channels and added safety within their server.
  • Here is the list of Connections you can link to your account on Discord:
    • Crunchyroll
    • eBay
    • Epic Games
    • Facebook
    • GitHub
    • League of Legends
    • PayPal
    • PlayStation Network
    • Reddit
    • Riot Games
    • Spotify
    • Steam
    • TikTok
    • Twitter
    • Twitch
    • Xbox
    • YouTube

What are Linked Roles?

Discord aims for a safer community and a home away from home for its users. By adding these Connections, it would be easier to interact and communicate with eBay sellers, DeviantArt art commissioning, Steam-verified players, and all.

Discord Linked Roles
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  • With these Linked Roles in Connections, or would be safer to transact as it lessens the possibility of scams and phishing. This would make certain that the people you talk to are the real deal.

Linking accounts to Connections

So basically, you link an account to Discord by signing in to them which verifies that it’s you and your account.

  • On their newest addition and update, to authenticate you are the real owner of the account, in some Connections, you have to sign in and input a few more details.
linked roles, account
Image Courtesy of Discord
  • Discord says: Admins and moderators won’t get to utilize your info automatically. Before every server you join, you’ll need to manually opt in to any Linked Roles to make use of the information from your connected accounts. This protects your privacy, by the way.
  • The app developers do know how to make their application useful and efficient for all. Choose your Linked Role whether you’re a Seller, Buyer, WhoWho, and more.

Let us know how’s your experience with Discord Connections and the newest Linked Roles too!

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