Disguised Toast Origin Team Salary Reveal
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Popular streamer Disguised Toast shared the shocking amount he is spending on his Valorant team per year and it’s greater than the tournament prize.

Valorant Team Salary

The famous streamer, Disguised Toast revealed his Valorant team on January 9. He launched the team ‘Disguised’ ahead of the open qualifiers for NA Challengers in Riot Games’ circuit.

  • The team is led by former 100 Thieves and T1 captain Josh Nissan (Steel). Therefore, it didn’t weaken Disguised Toast’s faith. They qualified for Challengers in a single attempt due to an undefeated run in the open qualifier.
  • During a stream, Toast was prompted by Yassine Taoufik (Subroza) to state his players’ salaries. At first, Toast declined to provide an exact figure. However, he agreed to answer two estimates by stating how close they are to actual figures.
  • The first guess was if he is paying his players $5,000 a month. Disguised Toast revealed it’s higher than that. However shocking, this doesn’t come as a surprise for Toast stated of funding his team with 500,000 dollars per year.
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Why does Disguised Toast’s Valorant Team cost so much?

Almost all players on ‘Disguised’ are experienced players who are now under the guidance of team captain Steel. He is an Esports veteran with a career in Counter-Strike before switching to Valorant.

  • Moreover, Steel guided 100 Thieves to the semi-finals of VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin in 2021. Therefore, most team members’ costs are according to their value in the team. The only exception is Joseph Allen (Clear), a rookie player noted as North America’s most exciting talent.

  • In another live stream, Disguised Toast joked that he has been playing video games instead of enjoying Taiwan to fund his Valorant team. He added that the team didn’t generate funds from qualifying for NA Challengers. Therefore, it will take time before he can find sponsors to help carry the financial burden.
  • He notes that sponsors don’t happen in two days. “It is hard to convince a billion-dollar company to give you their money and that’s how society works.”
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Who is Disguised Toast?

Disguised Toast is the online handle of the Canadian YouTuber and streamer Jeremy Wang. He is famous for his Hearthstone, Teamfight Tactics, and Among Us gameplay videos.

  • Toast began his streaming career as a prolific Hearthstone YouTuber and competitive player. However, he attained significant success with his Among Us videos and streams in 2020. He is credited for the popularization of the game as well.
  • The Hearthstone player launched his YouTube channel, posting a Hearthstone highlight in 2015. Early in his career, he wore a cardboard mask of a toast with a mustache and sunglasses drawn upon it. He didn’t reveal his face until October 2016.

  • His name, “disguised toast”, originates from the summoning quote of the Hearthstone card SI:7 Agent. Although the line is “Aha, this guy is toast!” it is often misheard as “Aha, disguised toast!” which became a meme in the Hearthstone community.
  • Disguised Toast has over 1.75 million subscribers on YouTube and over 506,000 followers on Facebook. His popularity has been boosted since he started uploading Among Us gameplay videos. Resulting in a gain of over 600,000 new subscribers on his YouTube channel.
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Although shocking, the cost of Disguised Toast’s Valorant team is understandable. However, only time will reveal if it proves a wise investment. For more latest updates about entertainment, gaming, and sports, follow Spiel Times.

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