Arkane’s beloved Dishonored series’ last release was Dishonored 2 back in 2016.

The game even though it received positive reviews from fans and critics alike, struggled to perform financially.

Back in 2018, we got to know that the game had performed below expectations, and Dishonored 2 barely managed to sell over 2.5 million copies ( consoles and PC combined). Whereas the original Dishonored sold over 3 million copies on PC.

During the same time, Arkane’s lead designer Ricardo Bare talked about how the series is ” resting for now.”

However, Arkane’s Co-creative Director Dinga Bakaba recently shared his thoughts, during an interview about how the entire thing was misquoted.

You know, it’s not necessarily the same thing when you are talking about what could be done, and you are telling a journalist it’s not what we are doing right now. It’s really not the same thing. So, I don’t think there was a decision to put Dishonored series on hold. I think the initial quote was over interpreted.

He further on to state the Kaldwin and the Outsider’s storyline is over so even if the studio returns to make another Dishonored game, it will feature new characters.

Dinga Bakaba and his team are currently working on their next big game called Deathloop, which we are very excited to see more of.

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