Did Disney Plus remove GroupWatch? Alternative Ways to Host Watch Party

Did Disney Plus remove GroupWatch? Alternative Ways to Host Watch Party

Disney Plus users have noticed that one of the streamers’ popular features, GroupWatch, has been missing from the site. As the service seems to have removed this feature that allows subscribers to watch remotely with their friends or loved ones, is there any way to host the watch party? Read on to know more about it.

Disney Plus Removes GroupWatch

Disney Plus has removed GroupWatch from its feature list. Though the streamer doesn’t make a formal announcement about it, its help center gave a notice about its removal. It has been removed since September 18, 2023, though for no reason, only saying it’s just part of the recent update.

“As of September 18, 2023, the GroupWatch feature will no longer be available on Disney Plus. We’re always working to deliver the best product experience on Disney+, and as part of recent updates, the GroupWatch feature was removed,” the notice read.

It remains to be seen if GroupWatch will still return or if Disney Plus has already decided to remove it for good. Users fond of this feature can try it on Amazon Prime, allowing users to stream movies or TV shows from its library with up to 100 other subscribers.

Are there any Alternative Ways to Host a Watch Party on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus has become a new streaming favorite aside from Netflix. It also has a great collection of movies, TV series, documentaries, and even animated films and shows, which Disney has become famous for. To serve its users more, it added a feature that lets its users host a watch party called GroupWatch when COVID-19 stopped everyone from reuniting in 2020.

With this, seven people can watch on Disney Plus at the same time, even if they’re in different parts of the world. Sadly, this feature is no longer available.

So far, there are no other ways that users can watch any shows or movies on Disney Plus the same way as when they use GroupWatch. If they plan to host a watch party, they can do it through Zoom or FaceTime, though it will be quite complicated. Streamers have to link their TV viewing with their friends or family and watch along together.

Users can also try it on Discord. This free chat application isn’t only for gaming, as anyone can use it. Using its Go Live feature, users can stream Netflix or other streaming services to watch movies with others together.

They can also try using other streaming services. Aside from Amazon Prime, which is mentioned above, subscribers can also share screens directly on Hulu, AppleTV+, Plex, and Sling.

Is Disney Plus’ GroupWatch Worth Removing?

Disney Plus’ removal of GroupWatch is something the users didn’t see coming. This feature has become a fan-favorite, especially when people can’t get together due to the pandemic. And now that it’s gone, subscribers probably feel they have been snatched off an old hobby they can do with their friends and loved ones in the comfort of their own homes.

The removal also comes when Disney Plus increases its monthly subscription, making it more frustrating for the users. It seemingly reduces its services and features amid the price hike. So, by the looks of it, they now have to pay more while getting less. If only the subscribers have their way, they will undoubtedly want GroupWatch to stay.

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