Doctor Doom is gonna be the show-stopper for Avengers Secret Wars. The number of superheroes we can expect in this movie is beyond our possible imagination. Especially, in phase 6 of the MCU movies where a “Fantastic 4” movie is also about to get released just a few months before Avengers Secret Wars. So, are we gonna see the Fantastic four getting involved and merging with the Avengers? Bonus: We might also get to see the X- Men.

This story might revolve around Dr. Doom 

Now, Doctor Doom is a supervillain that is all mighty and very powerful. He is so powerful that he may take over the earth as he is not the ‘king’ but the ‘god’ that the residents of Earth would worship. Doctor doom becomes so powerful that he can actually control and read minds. There is a reason why he might just be the Next God for Earth.

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  • With Doctor Doom being all-powerful, our Superheroes won’t get the limelight anymore (as would we want to see our heroes in, usually.)
  • Well, we might also see Kang around the corner since he survived in the last storyline. Now that’s a lot of headache for our Superheroes, isn’t it?

The Superheroes we might expect in The Avengers Secret Wars against Doctor Doom

Well, in the sixth phase, with the Fantastic 4 movie releasing just before the Avengers lineup, we might definitely get to see the Fantastic 4 in the movie. Just imagine how great it would be to see the Human Torch, The Thing, Mr. Fantastic, and Susan (being the Invisible Woman).

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  • And since Venom is in the picture now, we can also expect a black version of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. That would make us drool over Spider-Man and Venom together.

  • Also, our dearest and most favorite, the Wolverine. We might just get lucky and see the Wolverine and Professor X as a part of this movie which would make our lives a thousand times better I guess.

  • With She-Hulk coming into the picture recently, we might get to see the duo of Hulk and the She-Hulk in this Avengers movie as well.

Expected Release date of The Avengers Secret Wars

Since this movie is going to get released after Avengers Kang Dynasty, then we might expect it to get released somewhere near Nov 7, 2025. And with so many Super Heroes lined up for this movie, we might expect the ending of 2025 to be a good one.

Who is Doctor Doom?

Well, Doctor Doom is basically from the Fantastic 4 series. He is very very powerful. At first, he was on the good side but then he got greedy. Greedy for power and turned against the Fantastic 4. His powers include mainly electricity manipulation but is very very strong.

How powerful do we know Dr. Doom to be so far?

  • Doctor Doom puts up against The Silver Surfer in one of the past Fantastic 4 movies. In one of the scenes, he is seen shooting across the sky taking down the Human Torch. Controlling the water bodies nearby with his powers, he shuts down the human Torch and beats him up like real bad.
  • Doctor Doom also proves strong against Sue, the Invisible Woman. He can see her energy body even when she is invisible. Now that is a lot of power to be put in one person’s hands.
  • Doctor Doom also takes on The Thing like he is not a giant man with the body of a huge rock but like a mere pebble. Doctor Doom is seen tossing around The Thing across the city. And in one of the scenes from the past Fantastic 4 movies, Doctor Doom is seen taking over the silver surfing board of the Silver Surfer. Which made him even more powerful.

Now that is a supervillain with no moral ethics whatsoever and has strong greed for power. Which is basically why this whole Avengers Secret Wars movie revolves around him. He is actually Doom-packed in with a lot of craziness. Now that is a lot coming from just one guy.

Doctor Doom Secret Wars
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What can we expect from the Avengers Secret Wars?

We can expect a whole bunch of superheroes standing in line trying to whoop Doctor Doom’s ass. This might include the Fantastic 4, the Wolverine, Professor X, the She-Hulk alongside the Hulk, Spider-Man, The Falcon with the Captain America Shield (the new Captain America), maybe Venom, Doctor Strange, and a series of other superheroes.

As of now, of course, these are speculations and hopeful wishes. But these wishes are no longer a fan’s fantasy. With the multiverse, everything is possible. But the question still remains. Will the Avengers, if they come to exist together, defeat Doctor Doom? I hope the answer is a big screaming yes.

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