Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

In a tweet, Superior Iron Man designer Tom Taylor revealed a detail that may solve one of the mysteries in the latest trailer. While he didn’t work directly with those in the film, he designed Tony Stark’s suit to glow red/orange when he was angry. The Endo-Sym armor shown in the comics may exactly be the mysterious figure Scarlet Witch is fighting in a few shots of the trailer.

Warning: Possible spoilers below!

Since the appearance of the glowing character, fans have speculated about which Marvel character it could be. The glow seems reminiscent of Captain Marvel’s aura, which led people to believe that Wanda may be fighting a variant of her. However, screenshots of the fight reveal that it is indeed a man in a mask.

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Another speculation was that we’ll see Nova appearing in the MCU. It is not impossible since they will likely be debuting a version of the Illuminati in the film. However, the orange/red glow referenced by Taylor may be the tipping point that tells us that the mysterious figure is indeed a variant of Iron Man. To be specific, it is likely Superior Iron Man.

Who is Superior Iron Man?

Superior Iron Man is a more antagonistic version of Tony Stark. In the comics, his mind was manipulated by the Red Skull, turning him full villain. He might be an antagonist here, or it might be another fake-out by Marvel. It’s more likely that he’ll be part of the mysterious group Strange encounters.


Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics
  • Rumors are spreading that while Robert Downey Jr. will not be reprising his role, another actor will fill in as the variant. Tom Cruise, who was once a candidate for Iron Man, will make his MCU debut if rumors are true.
  • The newest Doctor Strange film is looking like it will be even more intense than Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, with Marvel’s penchant for hiding secrets and manipulating footage, we can never be sure.
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