There’s nothing like seeing Top G (Not Tate) Tom Cruise go roll on in a skyscraper and give his insurance company a heart attack. Yes, the Top Gun actor is reconciling his inner daredevil again for his new Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning film. Does he not take any stuntmen?

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The thing about Tom Cruise and his stunts

Does Tom Cruise do his own stunts?

It’s been a long-running rumor around town that Tom Cruise does his own stunts. Although the rumor soon became fact when people saw videos of him roaming the internet.

The finest such video came out almost three weeks ago When Tom Cruise was elated enough to jump off a cliff on a motorcycle, over 6 times a day. Why six times you ask? Simply because of retakes. And to do the same stunt again and again – whoosh.

Where was he making the jumps?

Where was he jumping from you ask again? In Norway. The stunt saw Tom Cruise riding a motorcycle off a cliff and attempting a parachute jump. Apparently, Tom has wanted to do this since he was a kid, says the 60-year-old actor.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning is set for a two-part release. Tom has always performed his own stunts. But his latest cliff-jumping stunt was not easy. How did he do it?

What his director had to say about Tom Cruise doing his own stunt

Tom Cruise with director of MI Dead Reckoning

In the 9-minute video that Tom Cruise shared on his Twitter account – director Christopher McQuarrie says that Tom came up with this brilliant master plan. This plan utilizes experts in various fields that allow him to pull the stunt off.

Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning
Tom after he leaves his motorcycle during the stunt
  1. Firstly, he did not go jumping off the cliff without training. No, no boys, that’s not something you do on a whim. Cruise took a year of skydiving training. The video mentions that he would jump 30 jumps a day.
    1. The film’s stunt director Wade Eastwood gave the testimony. Yes, Cruise made a total of more than 500 skydives during his training period.
  2. He also did around 13,000 motocross jumping training.

Then comes the part where Tom Cruise asked the production team to formulate 3D models in order to run a simulation of the jump.

Tom Cruise stunts
Cruise’s BASE Jumping practice prior to the stunt

Tom Cruise first attempted to jump out of that same cliff from a helicopter. Before he eventually took to the motorcycle and did this BASE jumping. 

Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Stunt is worth noting

Then, it came time for Cruise to execute the stunt — driving a motorcycle up a long ramp, which led to a cliff, launching off of it, and BASE jumping to the bottom.

Cruise first jumped out of a helicopter over the ridge to practice, before attempting the entire stunt for the cameras.

Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning stunt
The view from above

As reported by CBSNews, BASE Jumping Coach John DeVore said that this is pretty much the biggest stunt in cinematic history. But is it so?


I mean, with how huge Tom Cruise is, comments like these are pretty mouth exaggerations. There’s no metric per se to use to judge what’s the biggest stunt ever. Because we can already think of a few other amazing stunts.

One example is the Bungee Jump in Goldeneye. Assassin’s Creed also saw a 125 ft Leap of Faith. But then again this can probably be said as one of the most daring stunts ever done by an actor, and especially one who is of the hype that is Tom Cruise.

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