Doki Doki Literature Club

Team Salvato updated their super controversial and mysterious game Doki Doki Literature Club today.

I opened Steam and to my surprise, Doki Doki Literature Club was updating. “The update surely has something to do with the story progression”,  I thought. But, I was wrong. Like always.

The DDLC v1.1.1 Update brings with it some gameplay changes and bug fixes. Here are the complete patch notes –

Game will no longer behave unexpectedly following a game crash (progress is properly saved).

“Auto” mode now disables when a poem is displayed on-screen so that it is not skipped over by accident.

Fixed minor continuity issues during the third poem-sharing session in some instances.

Monika will now still show you her poem during a scene with Natsuki that previously made her skip over it.

Fixed an issue where right-clicking during certain scenes would cause the scene to pause and ruin the timing.

Other minor fixes and enhancements for typos, image sprites, and time-sensitive events.

No new game content has been added, hidden or otherwise.

While Salvato declared there’s no new game content, it’d be really interesting to find out if they’re being honest. If there’s something new, we’ll let you know.

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