Donut Country

Donut Country is a game where you drag a hole in the ground that sucks in whatever it suits. It’s a physics puzzle game from the creator of the magnificent story exploration title What Remains of Edith Finch, Ben Esposito. The game is releasing on Steam, GOG, iOS and Mac App Stores and the PS4 on August 28.

Donut Country will cost around ₹800-₹900 across all platforms.

You play as a racoon named BK, a new hire at a startup that uses remote-controlled holes to steal people’s trash – along with everything else. When BK falls into a hole himself, he must answer to his best friend Mira and the residents of Donut County who are now stuck 999 feet below their homes.

I first spotted the game on the PSX2017 livestream, where they showed off a 1-minute long trailer of two racoons watching television and narrating, “So what is this, like a Hole Simulator? It’s kinda cool. You put trash in the hole and it gets bigger. You know what would be cool? If it actually ran at 60 frames per second. Dude, it does. Look at the screen. Does it have a platinum trophy? I don’t know. I’ve just started. So like, what’s the point of the game? It’s puzzles”.

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