Doom 1 and 2 no longer requires Bethesda account to play

Players who want to re-live the classic first person shooter Doom 1 and Doom 2 can now do so on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 without using a Bethesda account.

User were complaining that every time you load up either game, it prompts you to log in to a Bethesda net account in order to play.

Video game publisher Bethesda announced on Twitter that it has “deployed a patch” adding  the option to let you skip the log-in process altogether.

The update will also remove the disconnect notification that would often pop up in-game.

Back in July, first-person shooter Doom 1 and Doom 2 was re-released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4, which you can pick up for £3.99 each. Doom 3 is also available for £7.99 across all three platforms.


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