Dota 2 7.00 Complete Patch Details are right here

Dota 2 7.00

The official Dota 2 7.00 Patch Notes are live now

We all have been waiting for the patch notes to come and finally they’ve arrived. The Dota 2 7.00 patch notes are finally live and the update is due for December 12. Here’s our roundup of the major update that brings Sun Wukong to the Dota 2 battleground.



Sun Wukong is finally here! The most awaited hero of the year 2016 finally comes to the battlegrounds of Dota 2. Here’s the link to the official Monkey King page.


A new interface is waiting for you! However the new HUD is making Dota 2 look more like League of Legends. You would now be able to see more of the game, but it still looks odd. At least it will continue looking odd for a week or two I guess? Here’s the link to the HUD details page.


Familiar Filter Criteria, Hero Focus, Team Composition and Suggested Heroes are some of the newest features in Dota 2. Here’s the link to the Pre-Game Changes page.


The New Journey Begins with New Gameplay Features. Also some balance changes have been made. Here’s the link to the Gameplay Changes page.


Community Authored Bots, sexy looking Slardar, Viper and Enigma and some more. Here’s the link to the Additional Changes page.

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10:50PM – Welcome Monkey King!

Steam Crash

10:38PM – Site Crashed.

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