Doughbrik’s Pizza: How did it start + Menu list

What is this Doughbrik’s Pizza all about?

Doughbrik's Pizza Start
The interior of the parlor via @doughbriks instagram

Given the US’s notorious rate of 60% failure for start-ups and new business ventures, it’s a risk on the couple’s part. Nonetheless, they seem confident about their business aspiration in the West Hollywood district of Los Angeles, California.

  • As a hallmark comparison, you can imagine Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast. The Youtuber initially began with his burger journey in 2021 when he employed over 1,000 ghost kitchens across the U.S to make and deliver burgers.
  • Eventually, MrBeast opened the first official restaurant of MrBeast Burger in 2022 at American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, NJ. 

How did Doughbrik’s Pizza start

David Dobrik's How did Doughbrik's Pizza start outlet
via @doughbriks instagram

Dobrik has been forming quite a handsome presence in different business sectors. Although this may be his first full-fledged attempt.

  • In a report by Dexerto, it was revealed that the pair taste-tested the pizzaz for months before finalizing Doughbrik’s Pizza menu. There have been multiple impediments to Doughbrik’s opening, however.

The obstacles to Doughbrik’s Pizza starting

Courtesy David Dobrik on YouTube

These impediments stem from the recent lawsuit that David has been part of and another allegation of sexual assault to one of his former members of Vine. Doughbrik’s Pizza Menu should have been a thing long back in the summer. Now it’s been finally confirmed for a November release.

How Doughbrik started is only preceded by what has happened before it. And what happened before it is traced back to his early days on Vine.

David’s early rise in Youtube and expansion of business

Dobrik found his big break in Youtube in 2015 contemporary with the rising of Jake and Logan Paul. David with his very-famous crewmate vloggers dubbed the Vlog Squad.

  • In the initial days of Dobrik expanding his reach, he co-founded the social media app Dispo. He also formed ties with supplement company Xeela Fitness and cameo-d in the film The Angry Birds Movie 2.

The Big fall early to Doughbrik’s Pizza Starting

The low of David was when a member of his Vlog Squad was accused of bullying and sexual assault. Youtube demonetized his channel for three months in 2021. Former Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek also filed a lawsuit against David over an accident in June 2020.

The bullying and rape accusations coupled with a pending lawsuit made things difficult for the vision of Doughbrik’s Pizza to come alive. Even when he returned to his Youtube career, that Lawsuit still followed suit.

Doughbrik’s Pizza Menu

Doughbrik's Pizza Menu
Doughbrik’s Pizza menu contains three variants for each pizza, mainly Doughy, Tavern and Sliced of both the former

Dougbrik’s Pizza Menu includes your favorite cheese spur to outright Hawaian delight. You can head here for the menu, or simply take a look above and below.

David Dobrik how did Doughbrik's Pizza start
Doughbrik’s Pizza menu

Doughbrik’s Pizza menu contains three variants for each pizza, mainly Doughy, Tavern and Sliced of both the former. Traditional Doughy pizzas are more hand-stretched dough style. Tavern style however tends to be rolled pretty thin before the topics are pasted on to it. The specialty of the Tavern style is its relatively thin crust.

Doughbrik's Pizza Menu
Doughbrik’s Pizza menu

The addition of sauce is extra. While Pizza prices may feel slightly higher than European or Canadian, heck even certain American local pizza outlets, we only feel hopeful that the taste is deservingly similar.

Doughbrik’s Pizza menu Desert

David Dobrik says he wants to share his love of Pizza through Doughbrik’s

Ever since, David has partnered with the founders of fast-casual, Los Angeles-based chain Lemonade to bring their pizzeria vision to reality. After involving in multiple relationships with businesses spanning the fitness, film, and alcohol industries, David Dobrik may have learned to pun well given how brilliant a name Doughbrik is.

“I have always loved creating things for others to enjoy and everyone enjoys good pizza. I love Los Angeles, but always felt like I was missing a piece of home,” says Dobrik.

Doughbrik will be open every day with late night going til 3 a.m (Thursday-Saturday). On other nights it will be up till 10 p.m.

“I wanted to create a pizza influenced by all my favorites and a bit of my Chicago roots. Doughbrik’s is a place to come hang out for a quick slice, devour a whole doughy pie or grab a scoop of my favorite midwestern Blue Moon ice cream,” explains Dobrik. 

David Dobrik and Ilya Fedorovich said that they have included multiple surprises in the form of Easter eggs. These easter eggs can be found scattered in the restaurant. Also, limited edition circular pizza boxes will be available to the first 300 customers with a specialized coin.

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