Content creator David Dobrik’s pizzeria is now open. Aptly named Doughbrik’s Pizza, the restaurant tries to recreate the look and style of popular pizza parlors of the past. Doughbrik’s opened at Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles in an area previously occupied by Starbucks. According to Dobrik, he and his business partner Ilya Fedorovich have spent a lot of time finding the best pizza flavors to sell at their place.

Doughbrik’s Pizza: Two Years in the Making

People first heard about Doughbriks when the YouTuber filed a trademark for the name in 2020. It was revealed shortly after that he was working on his themed pizza parlor and even started its Instagram page. Due to the pandemic and numerous issues surrounding his career as a content creator, the project went through many delays.

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David started lying low on YouTube and slowly built up his fanbase on another network, TikTok. In 2021, he and Fedorovich began tasting different pizzas to find the right combination for their restaurant.

While this is in Los Angeles, both founders of Doughbriks are Chicago natives. As such, the style and recipes in their restaurant feature the Chicago style. You can buy slices, with $6.50 being the most expensive. Entire pies cost around $28 to $38. There are also a variety of flavors to choose from that feature the thin cut and the Chicago tavern crust:

  • Pepperoni
  • Straight cheese
  • Vegetarian
  • Hawaiian
  • Meat lovers
  • Chicagoan (three kinds of cheese, Italian herbs, sausage, pepperoni, garlic, and giardiniera)

You have the option of adding flavors, including a hot honey drizzle. Other than the pies, you can order sodas and slushies. There’s also an option for ice cream, where you’ll find Midwest flavors like the blue moon and more traditional options. Aside from the food, Dougbrik promises surprises and Easter eggs to arrive at their restaurant in the coming months.

Is It Available for Delivery?

Pictures spreading on the internet shows that there looks to be a delivery option for Doughbriks. It is also available through food delivery services. There are rumors that one of their surprises will have Dobrik or one of his team members appearing to deliver the pies personally.

While Dobrik was one of the first content creators to open a themed restaurant, many have started during his absence. One such YouTuber is MrBeast, who opened his MrBeast Burger restaurant recently.

Who is David Dobrik?

David Dobrik first made a name for himself on YouTube, being one-half of the duo of the channel In-Debt. Following allegations against his team, Dobrik began laying low from content creation. His collaborator moved to the Vlog Squad house in 2020. While he continues making videos on TikTok, his business endeavors have taken priority in recent years.

Aside from Doughbrik, he was also the founder of the photography app Dispo. With the trajectory of his current restaurant, he may look to expand his reach to other states soon.

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