Dragon Age 4: What We Know So Far

We’re moving closer to Dragon Age 4’s release in 2023, and the hype is starting to build. Bioware has revealed little about the game but has shown enough to keep fans and newcomers interested. Dragon Age 4 will continue some elements first showcased in previous games, all while keeping the story new. Here are some of the things we can expect, with what we know so far.

Five Year Development

Dragon Age 4 looks to be one of the more ambitious games in development at Bioware. The first teaser of the game appeared in 2018. Since then, the company has been quiet, save for a few more teases here and there. There is no specific date for its release in 2023, though the company stated that it is still on track to release that year. They will likely release on newer consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series.

The Dread Wolf Rises

The concept art shows a darker world and ties to Dragon Age lore. Bioware revealed the tag during its first teaser, The Dread Wolf Rises. It refers to the elven God of betrayal first introduced in Dragon Age 2. It had an idol that caused corruption to those that possessed it.

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Image Courtesy of BioWare

The Dread Wolf influenced the story in Inquisition due to its connection to Solas. The teaser showed a wolf beast with three eyes. Its links to the dangerous red lyrium also mean that we’ll likely see these elements interconnect.

No Multiplayer

After Anthem, it seems that EA is moving away from multiplayer for their future Bioware games. Dragon Age 4 will be like its predecessors, a single-player story experience. The success of games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order continued to solidify this fact. Dragon Age 4 will also avoid using live service elements.

The Setting

A recently released BioWare book hinted that Tevinter will be the setting for Dragon Age 4. It’s a place alluded to many times, especially in Inquisition. There is also no reason to say that it might be a story that encompasses multiple regions.

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