Dragon Age Dreadwolf Coming Out 2024 (Rumor); Devs “Happy” With The Game

Dragon Age Dreadwolf Coming Out 2024 (Rumor); Everyone "Happy" With The Game

Tom Phillips at Eurogamer reported that Dragon Age Dreadwolf is slated for release by March 2025, i.e., EA’s Financial Year 2025. Jeff Grubb, a prominent game journalist, today said in his video that the game is ready to be released this calendar year, i.e., by December 2024.

Dragon Age Dreadwolf “will be [shown] at the Summer Game Fest or around that time”, Jeff said. “[It] still sounds like that game is coming out later this year.”

He further mentioned how we should have “all the details” for the game, possibly referring to its release date, price, and that the pre-orders for the game could go live after the announcement.

“They’re pretty pleased with how it turned out,” Jeff said. “The plan is to launch that this calendar year. So, not EA’s fiscal year, not before March 2025 or anything like that.”

He mentions how everyone seems really happy with the game.

He further mentioned a short timeframe between the game getting announced and players being able to actually play it. He said, “I don’t think you’re going to have to wait too long after this thing gets announced to play, but we’ll see.”

Apart from this, he hinted at PS5 Pro’s possible reveal this month and that he hopes a new Sly Cooper game is in the works at Sucker Punch, delaying the production of Ghost of Tsushima 2.

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