Dragon Quest Treasures - Cover
Image Courtesy of Square Enix

One of the most anticipated releases from Square Enix is Dragon Quest Treasures. Recent screenshots reveal more about the new gameplay mechanics players can expect in Dragon Quest Treasures. Read on to find out more.

A new post from Square Enix shows more details about the new gameplay mechanics in ‘Dragon Quest Treasures’

Square Enix revealed more details about what excited players can expect in Dragon Quest Treasures. But before we take a look at the new gameplay mechanics, let’s have a quick recap about the upcoming game.

Dragon Quest Treasures - Gameplay 1
Image Courtesy of Square Enix

In Dragon Quest Treasures, you play as Erik and Mia, two siblings who set out on a journey after living onboard a Viking ship for a while. Additionally, Dragon Quest Treasures is also a prequel to Echoes of an Elusive Age. In Treasures, the players get to play through Erik and Mia’s childhood.

Dragon Quest Treasures - Gameplay
Image Courtesy of Square Enix

When they come across two Spirit Guides called Porcus and Purrsula, they decide on going on an adventure together after obtaining a pair of Dragon Daggers. They then find themselves in Draconia where their journey begins. Moreover, the purpose of their journey is to retrieve seven Dragonstones.

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Players can play as either Erik and Mia in ‘Treasures’

Like we mentioned, the game takes place in the land of Draconia. Here, Erik and Mia will encounter different kinds of monsters and rivals, find valuable treasure, and make memories on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. With the help of their Dragon Daggers, Erik and Mia can find the seven Dragonstones they need to retrieve.

Image Courtesy of Square Enix

Furthermore, the Dragon Daggers allow players to team up with monsters they meet along the way. The Daggers give Erik and Mia the ability to have monsters fight with them and not against them. Additionally, the duo also uses these monsters and their abilities to dig up buried treasure.

Image Courtesy of Square Enix

If players use the Fortune Finder once they start noticing the monsters acting oddly, their Treasure Visions are activated. During this state, Erik and Mia can now see where buried treasure is located with the help of the monsters’ Treasure Visions.

Another exciting feature of Dragon Quest Treasures is the shared progression between Erik and Mia. This means that players can switch between playing as Erik or Mia throughout the game.

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Use the monsters to your advantage and upgrade your base

Image Courtesy of Square Enix

Since Dragon Quest Treasures’ gameplay focuses mainly on capturing monsters and training them to retrieve treasure, expect that you’ll fight against gangs. These gangs are looking for treasure to steal and call their own. So it’s really up to you in training your monsters to get all the treasure scattered around Draconia.

Image Courtesy of Square Enix

Additionally, you can also use money you collect from having your monsters find treasure to upgrade your base. By upgrading your base, the chances of enemies stealing your treasure are reduced.

At the same time, Dragon Quest Treasures is still going to be an adventure game where you can explore Draconia. So if you’re looking for that aspect from Dragon Quest games, then you should definitely check out Treasures.

Dragon Quest Treasures is set for a global release on December 9, 2022. However, it will be an exclusive release for the Nintendo Switch.

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