Another intriguing horror game approaches from the indie field!

Expecting to launch by the end of July, this psychological horror game will put the pressure on you. While you are in the British home, looking for the truth behind a murder-suicide, you will have to survive from the ghostly undead that still haunts the home!

I am talking about Dreadful by Green Eye Games of course! I originally had an interview with the developer Wajdi Manai awhile back, which is worth checking out if you want to know all about this game before it launches.


I reached out to Manai to ask him how he was feeling, knowing that his game is about to launch and his hard work is almost over. He answered,

“Finishing this project, Dreadful, has been a very hard challenge since the beginning. I have a very clear vision for this game and I am always adding new stuff to reach that.”

Guess it goes to show, hard work and persistence can really pay off!

If you want to follow the rest of the games progress or just want to catch the launch announcement, be sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Here’s the Gameplay Trailer: