Sony’s new DualSense controller may be facing the same drift issues as its Nintendo counter part. The news broke a few days ago on social media as many people brought the affair under the spotlight on twitter and reddit, reported Kotaku. Some of these issues were allegedly reported by players as early as ten days after their purchase.

Kotaku tried to reach out to Sony’s customer service but were told that the DualSense drift was covered under warranty but the cost to have the controller delivered to Sony’s repair centre would have to be borne by the customer, which varies depending on the location and the weight; Sony would pay for the return shipping.

This drifting issue is not limited to the DualSense and currently lawsuitridden Nintendo, but also Microsoft’s Xbox One controllers, which are also allegedly facing similar problems. Microsoft is also facing a class-action lawsuit filed by a plaintiff last year who claims to have had the same drifting issue in two consecutive Xbox One controllers within the span of “three or four months”.

This poses a big challenge for both the companies as such issues could not only turn people away from purchasing new controllers but could also affect the sale of their next gen consoles.