Drifting Home theme song’s artist band is mysterious; here’s why

studio colorido's new work

Studio Colorido’s new feature anime film Drifting Home (Ame o Tsugeru Hyoryu Danchi) is all set for release with a newly revealed key visual and music video. This Thursday, the music video titled Kieteshimai so Desu by Zutto Mayonaka de Iioni (known as ZUTOMAYO) made rounds on Youtube. The music can be translated literally into – It Seems I’m Fading Away. Now, there’s something oddly mysterious about the band that’s been approached to tackle the film’s title song.

New Music Video for Drifting Home Film’s Theme Song

The natives in Japan can enjoy the film as it will release theatrically on September 16. Netflix has planned a global premiere of the same on the same date as well. ZUTOMAYO released a short edition of the full video on their Twitter page. The previous full trailer of Drifting Home featured a glimpse of “Natsugare” insert song which is also by ZUTOMAYO.

Aca-ne posted this on her Twitter account. She’s about the only consistent artist who’s been listed numerously under all of ZUTOMAYO’s works. All other artists keep on changing.

What’s Mysterious About the Band Zutomayo?

  • The odd and yet special mark of ZUTOMAYO is that it is a Japanese rock band that retains a secret-society level of confidentiality.
  • The band name “Zutto Mayonaka de Iinoni” literally translates to I wish it was midnight all the time.
  • The only artist who has appeared repeatedly in the majority of their works is a female vocalist that goes by the name ACA-Ne. All of their music work almost always credit a different artist each time for a variety of different works, including arrangement, production, instruments, etc.
  •  The group was invited to perform at the 2019 Fuji Rock Festival a year after their debut and has garnered quite the fame despite their secretive nature.

New Key Visual for Drifting Home

Key visual of Studio Colorido Drifting Home
Key visual as released from Studio Colorido’s staff
  1. Studio Colorido’s staff also released a new key visual for Drifting Home. The Key visual is illustrated by Akihiro Nagae who is also in charge of character designs. One may know Akihiro for his work in Fastening Days.
  2. Assisting Nagae sensei is Fumi Kato who is fulfilling the position of Assistant Character Design artist. To share history, they had previously worked together on Penguin Highway as animation directors.
  3. The Key visual features the protagonist Kosuke and Natsume, both abridged in a building that’s drifting amidst the ocean. It was transported there through some miraculous incident.

The Staff Working For Drifting Home

Drifting Home all characters
snatched from comingsoon.net and features Kosuke and Natsume and their friends
  • A majority of Drifting Home film’s staff seem to have shared work history in the making of Penguin Highway, which was originally a Japanese science fiction novel by Tomihiko Morimi.
  • It was then adapted into a manga series and a full-feature anime film in August 2018. The same work history comes from the fact that both Penguin Highway and Drifting Home are works of Studio Colorido.
  • Hiroyasu Ishida the director of the film had previously also directed Penguin Highway. Alongside Hayashi Mori (known for Cells at Work! Code Black) and Minaka Sakomoto, the director has worked on the script writing.

What is The Plot of Drifting Home?

  • The plot at first glance seems to be a colorful coming-of-age (towards teenage) adventure fantasy. Kosuke Kumagaya and his childhood friend Natsume only recently entered sixth grade.
  • Due to developing ages, both tend to enter an awkward phase and start ignoring the other. Of course, for any summertime fantasy adventure film to begin, summer vacation has to start.
  • Kosuke, Natsume, and friends gather in a former apartment complex where they used to live. Upon going to their apartment building a sudden change shifts the tides of scenery as a massive ocean envelops the surrounding area. The group of sixth graders and friends must now escape the seemingly warped reality to find their way back home.
Drifting Home Netflix ZUTOMAYO Studio Colorido
screen grab courtesy of official Netflix Youtube | Teaser Trailer #2 Drifting Home |


Studio Colorido is relatively known, yet everyone will know it for A Whisker Away (2020). The Netflix premiered anime film became the score-front for the studio’s fame. It went on to win the Best Animation Work Award at the 2020 Asian Academy Awards. Founded in 2011 it has focused on anime feature films and Original Net Animation productions. Studio Colorido was also part of a conglomerate of animation studios in the industry that joined to create Star Wars: Vision. Studio Colorido worked specifically in episode 2.

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Drifting Home may share tangible similarities with the forgotten underrated but outstanding film Summer Wars. The visuals of Drifting Home share glimpses in which the animation loses its linear black boundaries, yet the scenic beauty remains elegant in its manifestations. Whether Drifting Home contends with the works of Makoto Shinkai is another question altogether, which is also known for its uncontested artistic beauty.

Drifting Home Netflix ZUTOMAYO Studio Colorido
screen grab courtesy of official Netflix Youtube | Teaser Trailer #2 Drifting Home |

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