DualShock Mobile, New Sony Patent Discovered

Quite recently, a leak has taken the internet by storm. This is the patent from Sony and it seems to have a very interesting title, “Sony mobile game controller”. This is similar to the DualShock 4. However, it does have quirks up to its sleeve. Andy Robinson of VGC had discovered the patent.

The patent is for a controller that attaches to a mobile device coming from Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Japanese branch. According to Robinson, the gamepad’s left and right grips are similar to the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller rather than the PS5’s DualSense, as seen by the shape of the controller’s wings and button arrangement.

Sony Mobile Game Controller

For playing mobile games particularly, Sony has designed a special controller. SIE’s Japanese branch has issued the patent for this just this week. This controller looks quite familiar to the DualShock 4 controller but is shockingly half in size! The smartphone can be placed or held in between while using this controller, just like any other smartphone controller.

  • Despite the fact that they have been based on the obsolete or rather outdated DualShock 4 design, these new mobile sticks might just allow users to utilize tilt controls as well.
  • You can link the controller to your smartphones via Bluetooth. The controller will also have its own batteries and rumbling motors. This game controller is compatible with smartphones. For the time being, the device’s other specifications are unclear.
  • The influence of Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers is apparent. It even allows you to connect to a larger screen, according to the designs. This functionality, however, may be limited to PlayStation system owners.

This Sony Mobile Game controller is further expected to have specific applications for both IOS and Android mobile phones. Additionally, this controller can be utilized to play cloud gaming and will also support Apple Arcade Games. At the moment, it feels like Sony has redirected its entire focus on mobile gaming. The former head of Apple’s Arcade content, Nicola Sebastiani now leads the company.


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