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Now that we’re nearing the launch of Dying Light 2, it’s the perfect time to buy one of the editions and snag all the pre-order bonuses that come with it. Many are looking to get the deluxe edition because it’s a perfect balance of content and price. The collector’s edition does come with more collectibles, but it comes at a very high price in comparison.

The Deluxe Edition

Photo Courtesy of Techland
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The Deluxe edition comes for $79.99 for both digital and physical copies. If you opt for a retail copy, you’ll get the disc with a steel bookcase. You’ll also get the following extras that are not available in the standard edition:

  • A legendary skin pack
  • Access to the first story DLC once it releases
  • Digital comics and artbooks
  • The Dying Light 2 digital soundtrack
  • Exclusive weapon charms
  • Wallpapers for console and PC

Pre-Order Bonuses

Photo Courtesy of Techland

You’ll also get two skin packs if you order before the release date. The first will be the Unique Reload Skin Pack that your character can equip. The other bonus is a Reach for the Sky skin pack that allows you to change the clothes of the character Lawan. Rosario Dawson voices Lawan, though she will not be a playable character.

What to Expect?

Many who’ve gotten their hands on the game early praise its new take on the night and day system from the original Dying Light. There were also a lot of good comments about the game’s parkour mechanics, which feels seamless.

However, the game is not without its negatives. Techland will be releasing a Day 1 patch to fix almost 1000 bugs, and hopefully, that will resolve some of its major issues.

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