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One of this year’s most eagerly awaited games, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, is finally here! It’s a must-have for lovers of RPGs and open-world games alike. Fans may look forward to a four-player co-op, a fresh and bigger terrain, and an altogether new plot and protagonist. So are we able to play the game with our friends via crossplay?

The inclusion of cross-play will be essential in every game released in 2022. Basically, it’s how gamers from various platforms interact. A game that does not support crossplay forces users to only engage with others who are using the same platform as them, such as PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. There will be no co-op crossplay mode in Dying Light 2 as of writing, however, you can learn more about how it works below.

Yes to Co-Op Mode, but No Crossplay Yet 

With no crossplay in Dying Light 2, users will be limited to playing only with others on their own platform. Even next-generation consoles are affected by this. 🙁 Those that play on PlayStation 5 are unable to play with those on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC.

  • While it’s a bummer for co-op enthusiasts, the developers will be having an update to the next generation. There is a free upgrade to Dying Light 2 available for those who buy a PS5 and update their current PS4 model.
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  • Dying Light 2’s co-op mode allows up to four players to work together to battle the undead. You take command of Aiden Caldwell, and those participating in local cooperative play have access to all available missions. Even if the co-op session concludes and the participants return to solo play, the items you’ve collected while working together are retained. This also applies to player advancements! 😄

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