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Dying Light 2 received a very positive release on both consoles and PC. Steam has ranked it at a very positive rating on the platform. Techland did a great job removing most of the game-breaking bugs during the launch. Out of all these reviews, there seems to be one dissatisfied country in Italy.

Metacritic Review Bombed

The original Dying Light had a bit of Italian dialogue and text interspersed throughout the game. Some Italian fans noted how the sequel didn’t have any, nor did it have any localization. The game is popular in Italy, but the initial negative impressions left a mark. Soon, angry reviewers began bombing the website Metacritic.

  • Italy is not the only European country without localization for the game, but they seem the most vocal. Their efforts on Metacritic have made a mark, lowering the Xbox One rating of the game to 4.6, while the PS5 rating is at 6.1.
  • There were many grievances among Italians, though there was hardly mention of bugs. Before release, bugs were the most significant issue of the game.
Image Courtesy of Techland
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An Overreaction?

The angry Italian reviewers point out how some countries are getting localization but not them. There are two Spanish versions, while there is also a very clean Polish localization. Techland cannot be blamed for it, as they are Polish developers, meaning that they’ll put a bit more focus on their home country.

The reaction of these gamers on Metacritic seems to be a little over-the-top. Some speculate some trolls just wanted to try and push the game rating lower. It doesn’t seem to have affected Dying Light 2’s success.

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