Dying Light 60fps on Series S

Dying Light has just received a new patch that enables support for playing at 60fps on the Xbox Series S. The Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s cheapest next-gen console hasn’t had a very good start this generation. A lot of developers have already started saying that the GPU is gonna eventually start holding them back. Gamers haven’t been happy with the performance too as most games don’t get the 1440p support, claimed by Microsoft at launch.

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The patch notes mention that now the Xbox Series S can run Dying Light 1 with the High-Performance mode. This performance mode offers 60 FPS gameplay at a resolution of 936p.

Techland hasn’t had a great time with the Series S, even Dying Light 2 didn’t come with any 60fps modes at launch. They even brought a next-gen update back in March for Dying Light 1, however, any sort of high-performance mode was missing for Xbox Series S.

Gamers were very disappointed as the highest frame rate came with 30fps on the console. However, now the new patches have brought proper 60fps performance mode to both Dying Light 1 & 2.

Dying Light DLCs now available for Free!

  • Since it was the last update for the game, Techland has also announced that a bunch of DLC for the game are becoming free for base game owners. Now might be a great time for anyone who hasn’t played the game yet.
  • Set in a post-apocalyptic open-world, Dying Light is a first-person action survival game.  The game is overrun by flesh-hungry zombies, who roam around the city, devastated by a mysterious virus epidemic. The player is required to scavenge for supplies, craft weapons, and face hordes of the infected.

With that said, what do you think about Dying Light 1 getting a 60fps update on the Xbox Series S? Do let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment down below!