E3 2019: EA Announces 3 New Promising Titles Under Its Originals Label


After showing their yearly sports titles and some new gameplay from Respawn’s upcoming Star Wars title, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, three new promising indie titles were announced to be arriving soon under their EA Originals label –

  • Lost in Random
  • RustHeart
  • and a new game from A Way Out developer Hazelight Studios

Lost in Random is developed by Zoink Studios, the same studio behind the atmospheric platformer Fe. It’ll have a unique spin on puzzles and combat and is described as “a blend of strategy and action that explores the notion of chance and possibility, set within a beautifully dark and vivid world”. We don’t know much else about the game yet, but the art style looks absolutely gorgeous.

Lost in Random
Lost in Random concept art

RustHeart from Glowmade is a co-op Action-RPG set in a “vibrant, alien multiverse” with the player having a handmade robot sidekick. EA says it’s a “compelling mix of tactical action-roleplay gameplay, player invention and spray paint.”

RustHeart’s logo

The third unannounced game from Hazelight Studios will be a completely new story-driven cooperative experience, like their previous titles A Way Out and Brothers:  A Tale of Two Sons. Hazelight says it’ll be “an experience like you’ve never had before”.

No release dates have been announced for these yet. Oh, by the way, Josef Fares invented a new expression, or, you can say, a slogan for video games and what should they revolve around – Fun, Focus and F* S* Up!

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