E3 2019: Phil Harrison Drops New Details About Stadia

Google Stadia
Phil Harrison
Phil Harrison, Vice President and General Manager at Google

Phil Harrison just spilt some new details about Stadia at E3.

The $129 Founders Edition will have:

  • A Limited Edition Night Blue Stadia Controller
  • Chromecast Ultra 4K streamer
  • 3-month subscription of Stadia Pro
  • A Buddy Pass
  • Destiny 2 including all the DLCs and expansions

Google Stadia

Not all games will be available on subscriptions, you’ll have to purchase them separately.

Google will keep upgrading their Stadia hardware, so you can run all latest games on maxed out graphics without worrying about low frame rates.

*PC Master Race intensifies*

Some publishers will have the option to have their own subscriptions on their store.

The subscriptions will be similar to the current Game Pass and PS Plus, but multiplayer will not be locked behind paid subscriptions as currently the case with Xbox and Playstation where you need to subscribe to a separate paid subscription just to be able to play multiplayer for the games you own.

Stadia will also have a Base subscription which will allow you to purchase and stream your games at 1080p with stereo audio for free. And yes, this Base subscription will allow you to stream to your TV too, unlike what was previously believed.

Google Stadia

Phil also commented on the common thought among gamers regarding not actually owning games, the fear of losing access to their libraries if Stadia shuts down at some point. Phil said that “Google is committed to this” and that gamers won’t worry about these after experiencing Stadia hands-on.

When compared to other cloud streaming services like Microsoft’s Project xCloud, Phil said that Stadia has advantages over these as it’s “a 100% purely streaming platform” and that it’ll provide the “same experience on mobile devices” like on your PC.

Stadia will focus “gaming on you rather than the box” unlike traditional gaming consoles and you’ll no longer need to be in front of your monitor to enjoy your game.

The Founders Edition is coming this November and is available for pre-ordering right now in 14 countries.

Google Stadia

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