EA Access Is Coming To The PS4 Tomorrow

After the announcement a few months ago, the arrival of EA Access on PS4 is finally becoming a reality. We remind you that the service is already available on Xbox One. Where it supports a large number of titles, including franchises such as Battlefield, FIFA, NHL and Star Wars Battlefront.

Electronic Arts have previously confirmed a complete list of titles launched with Access for PS4, including the following: Battlefield V, Burnout Paradise Remastered, FIFA 19, Mass Effect Andromeda, and Titanfall 2. In particular, some games that are not included in the Xbox One line will be included.

As it is, the Xbox One version of EA Access still contains more titles than the PS4 edition, and it is not known how and if the publisher will take them to the Sony console. However, it is worth noting that Xbox One supports backward compatibility, a feature not supported by PS4 of course. Something will change with the release on the market of PS5 which, from the latest rumors, will finally prove to be retro-compatible and therefore presumably, Electronic Arts will take advantage of this by assuming that EA Access makes the transition to next-generation systems, which will almost certainly do.

Electronic Arts have promised that it will not remove the games from the platform, although there will be some exceptions. FIFA 14, for example, was removed after EA ceased support for the online portion of the title, although players were still able to play it offline.

We also remind you that in EA Access there is a catalog of over 50 games at the price of 3.99 euros per month or 24.99 euros per year. That is the same prices that are proposed for other platforms where the system is already present. Games must be downloaded locally. Subscribers are also entitled to play for 10 hours without having to buy a title.

Are you ready for the EA Access landing on Sony consoles? Will you buy a subscription plan?

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