EA and FIFA Likely To End Partnership

Some new changes can be expected in the future of the long-standing EA FIFA games series. EA Sports and FIFA, the international football regulation organization, have recently made some announcements about the future of their partnership. An exclusive partnership deal had been in place between the two giants for about three decades. However, it seems like it is all coming to an end.

The current partnership deal between EA and FIFA is set to expire in 2022. It seems that they were not able to reach a consensus on a new licensing deal.

According to reports, FIFA has looked to increase its rights fee by more than $1 billion over four years. This is almost double the current rights fee of $150 million per year. In addition, FIFA has also tried to limit the licensing agreement, both of which have greatly disappointed EA Sports.

Highest-Selling Video Game Franchise

  • While this does mean change, it does not mean that the game is going away. Being the highest-selling video game franchise in history, the game is only going to undergo some changes, which may not affect the experience of players all that much.
  • This is because EA has more than 300 licensing deals with players, leagues, and clubs outside of the deal with FIFA, and they might mean that the game will still retain its essence.
  • Only the FIFA tag, the logo, the name, and the FIFA World Cup will be removed from the game when the partnership deal between them expires.

One major change will be in regard to the name of the game, and we already know that EA has blocked the title “EA Sports FC” in the UK and EU, which is the potential new brand title for the upcoming games that EA would be releasing.

If FIFA enters into agreements with other gaming companies, this would prove to be competition for EA Sports and the future of football games.

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