Crysis is one of the few games that still brings fond memories for many gamers out there. Especially due to the fact that the game has been a pioneer for graphical advancement, bringing even the top-end hardware of its times to its knees. EA recently made a number of new announcements about their future plans, including the suprise announcemnt of bringing EA games to Steam.

One interesting motive EA revealed is that they are gearing up for “exciting remasters”. That takes us back to the CryEngine 5.6 demo released a few weeks ago. Thanks to Reddit user, ContributorX_PJ64, we get some insightful information from the trailer. And some of them, hint towards a remastered Crysis game. The redditor concludes the following from a specific section of the trailer which starts at 2:16 :-

  • The trailer suddenly starts playing First Light by Inon Zur. This is the music that plays in the original Crysis when you walk up out of the jungle and gaze over the cove as the sun is rising. This music belongs to Electronic Arts. EA have the copyright for all Crysis assets.
  • There’s a turtle, because of course there is.
  • The camera rises out of the jungle and gazes out over a cove blatantly reminiscent of that from Crysis.
  • Then the nanosuit “crunching” sound plays (sounds like Crysis 3 variant), and the camera cuts to black, with a new actor saying, “CRYENGINE” in the nanosuit voice.

While all this is still a speculation, it raises the eyebrows of the fans for sure. Whether it’s just a mere hint towards what Cryengine did over the years, or they are actually working towards the remaster remains to be seen. That being said, EA’s promise of exciting remasters makes us optimistic. Only time will tell whether we will be able to ask, “Can you run Crysis?”, all over again.


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