EA Trademarks “Chocolate Panda” And Two More In Europe

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts have filed three trademarks in Europe. One of them is called “Chocolate Panda”. These were filed yesterday, i.e., November 6th.

The other two trademarks are called “Fury Soccer” and “Full Circle” respectively. You can find the trademarks in the links given below –

The trademarks are currently under examination. These are represented by the London-based law firm Harbottle & Lewis.

These could mean anything. Although we could speculate these to be games, we can’t be so sure. But we can dig in a little bit.

The trademarks are filed under Nice Classifications 9, 41, and 42. NC9 is common with video games and points it’s a good, not a service. NC41 points to a service. In this case, it could be “game services provided online from a computer network.” NC42 is a service-based trademark, which here, could point to “rental of computer software.”

So, these could be GaaS products (Game as a service) or live service games. Like Call of Duty: Warzone, Dota 2, or anything that keeps on getting updates and changes.

If we find any more information about these trademarks, we’ll let you know.

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