EA Under Criminal Investigation; Belgium Government Issues Warrant


The Belgium Government earlier declared that lootboxes in some specific games are in violation with the Belgium Gambling Laws and of all other publishers, EA seems to be in trouble, yet again.

The government strictly stated that if a publisher fails to comply with their gambling laws, the latter will be bound to pay huge sanctions and will be imprisoned. The government gave publishers a time period of 8 weeks to make the required changes.

FIFA 18, Overwatch, NBA 2K19 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive were the shortlisted games that violated the government’s gambling rules. While Blizzard, 2K Games and Valve took the required measures, EA declined to modify theirs.

Ultimate Team mode’s randomized card packs seem to have been the matter of discussion. Moreover, the Belgian Gaming Commission already declared lootboxes as a form of gambling and will revise the existing gambling laws to avoid further lootbox issues.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson emphasised not to stop lootboxes for the summer. Even in FIFA 19, players will be able to purchase treasure boxes.

Belgian Gaming Commission Director Peter Naessens said, “Paid loot boxes aren’t an inoffensive component of games which act like games that require skill”.

“Players are being tempted and misguided and none of the protective measures for gambling are being applied”, he continued. According to the Gaming Commission, lootboxes are illegal luck-factor cosmetics as players are unaware of what the treasure boxes contain, even after making the purchase.

The government has already issued a warrant against the company and a criminal investigation is going on. The warrant has been sent to Brussel’s public prosecutor’s office.

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